Monday, 1 November 2010

The Red Pill

  "The matrix has you."

Here is the chance to end this. To end the loop of self beating, being afraid, being confused, looking for answers endlessly.  To end misery, to end that which stays in a way of true freedom, to end the lies. To leave the past and get a fresh start. This is real.

All you need to do is take the Red Pill, so to speak. To face the truth:   

There is no you.
Focus on Truth, turn away from questioning, you can question after.

Now all you need to do is look.

Bring the truth to awareness. Stay with it, focus. See how everything fits.

Spend your day focusing on these four words: I does not exist.

Mind thinks by itself, there is no thinker.
"There is a Thinker" is just another thought.

"I" is just another thought.

There is nobody needed to do the thinking.

If you want to wake up seriously, take it seriously. Stay with it.

There is no magic in recognising the truth. Truth is simple. Life just is. It's not your life. There is no "I" owning life. It can not be. It's all in the mind. I is in the mind. Mind just is.  It's not yours. There is no you.

So here you have a choice:
Take it seriously or walk away.

Freedom or misery.
Courage or cowardice.
Honesty or lies.


I took the Red Pill.

The way I figured was, sooner or later I will have to face the Truth. Why not now. It helped me seeing that there are others who went through this "gateless gate".

I stared at the Truth.

I was afraid that it may be another delusion.

But then it clicked. It's so obvious now.

The shift is very subtle. There were no flashing colours in my eyes, nothing changed, walls did not move and I did not fly away like Neo. I'm not the One. There is no "Me".

It's been a month, what's changed?
Not once mind got itself looped into judgmental thinking, not one thought of "poor me" disturbed the peace. 
Pain? There was pain, but it did not cling to "me". It was just pain, not "my pain". I feel more alive than ever, at peace with what is. Everyday the feeling deepens. It's just amazing.  Life is amazing.

I know that there is a lot of darkness in this world on our planet.  I see the pain and desperation, this has not gone away. Seeing reality with clarity does not make the horrors disappear. Only I see as well that the more people wake up, liberate themselves from illusion of self, and then help others, the better our wold will be.

So ask now, is it worth it?

And if so, get to work!

Freedom is close. Closer than you think. It's your right.
On the right side you see the Enlightened Blogs. You may want to read what these poeple say. Each one of them saw the truth of no self. Each one of them have got their own words to speak about it, but the truth is one:
There is no You.

Self-Realization or Enlightenment is nothing more than the deepest possible understanding that there is no individual doer of any action - neither you nor anyone else. Also you are not the thinker of any thoughts, nor the experiencer of any experiences - they happen. When IT happens, no bright lights are likely to flash in your head! ~Giles C.

(Thanks to Stephany for posting this quote)

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