Monday, 8 November 2010

The Final Question

It has been enought written and enough read.

I invite you to watch this:

Then look at The List

Then think.

And answer this one question:

I don't exists, is it true?

Is it Yes or is it No?

If it's not a yes, then it's a no. No means that sooner or later you will have to say Yes, but at the moment there is resistance there. Resistance equals pain. Enough pain, choose Life. Life is all there is. It is iVirus in A head that makes all look distorted.

If you can see it, you can heal and the planet can heal.

Your choice!

I can only show you the door, you have to walk through it!

Once It is seen, email me how you see the world, do you exist and what is going on in detail.
I'm looking to hear from you. I'll post the best expresions.
You can leave a comment right here (I've heard that this does not always work)

Your turn!
DO YOU EXIST?????????


  1. Hi: So the simple recognition of seeing there is no you or me, how does that have affect on our mind or our personality ? Is there a change that occurs ? Do we become more patient and more loving etc ? But if there is no me or you or others then how do you explain one sees the truth and another doesn't ?

    I would think what happens when the self is dropped then with that drop goes a ton of false beliefs and ideas along with it. So one is stripped of everything and there is no self to hold on or believe anything. Gone are the attachments and expectations as self has. There is no one doing or thinking or speaking even.

  2. Yes, Mr. Snacks, when the lie of self dissolves the belieffs that supported the lie goes too. It does take some time to realease all the rubbish.
    But i'm not gonna tell you more, you have to se it for yourself.
    You know where the door is.

  3. Yes it is seen. But nothing wrong with sharing what is beyond the door.
    Things I noticed are dropping away like flies. Almost on a daily basis at times. Life goes on but without a me. Thoughts and feelings still arise but they just don't stick. Frustration and sadness, loneliness etc arises but not for long. There is no attachment or expectation. This is not something I would say that sells like a Hawaiian vacation. It may not be for everyone.
    In Fact there is no you to get anything anyway. No heaven or pot of gold at the end seems disappointing. This is what I thought awhile ago. I loved Christianity because at least Jesus said today you will be with me in Paradise. There was an escaping this hell down here on earth. Yes it had it's bright moments but mostly it is a drag for most down here. I am around a lot of old and sickly people suffering. And life is not pleasant at all. BUt I also noticed that I am cool with no afterlife and heaven and all that. Life is not being lived for a future that doesn't exist but I am living in the now or present. That is all there is. So there is no holding on to this hope or anticipation. Because the me is absent and can't hold on to anything being that it is not there. The shift is for me is that life is not personal. There is no person but just this experience. This is it. Nothing less and nothing more.

  4. Awesome, Mr Snacks!
    Yes life is going on. It's all there is. :)

  5. I have heard it said by some teachers that life is perfect the way it is.I never grasped that.It is what it is I would agree. And saying that what is going on is perfect is just labeling by the mind. The wars,killing, suffering and pain is perfect ? If it is all the flow of life is life and all it's events perfect ? Doesn't seem that way.

    But if there is no self which there isn't then it is all happening ( good and bad) to no one or no persons. So what did happen let's say at Hiroshima ? As history reports over 100,000 innocent people died instantly during the A- bomb blast. So no one killed anyone and no one died. But still the seeing of this horrible tragedy and many other tragedies how is this seen in light of no self ?
    But to say it isn't perfect is an interpretation as well. Your comments. Thanks.

  6. Life is perfect the way it is.

    Life just is.

    Lions eat meat, fish eat each other, ants go for war, wasps are killers etc etc. It's not just pretty nature, it's destruction as much as creation.

    Time is synchronic order of happenings, the story of human race is playing out.
    This is evolution going on. If humans want to survive and help planet to heal, they have to start seeing things clearly.

  7. "Life is perfect the way it is."
    I agree .. but where comes helping the planet in play then ?
    Life is perfect as it is.
    I notice in my life that I enjoy helping others because it 'feels' right.
    Nevertheless ... life is perfect as is.
    What would clarity (as in seeing noself) do to help this world ?
    I was helping before seeing noself, I'm helping after seeing noself.
    Still .... Life is what it IS.

    I'd genuinly like to know what you think/feel about this Ilona.

    PS: "Life is perfect as it is" got me banned from RT. ;-)

  8. Life is perfect the way it is, no doubt about that. There is nothing that life is not. There is nothing outside, all that is, is. Seen/ unseen works the way it works and is all perfect.

    Life on Earth is perfect too. There is a show going on, a show of evolution. All species are evolving and mutating. Some species die out, others appear.

    Human species are on a verge of dying out if nothing is done by humans to stop that. The numbers are increasing, but this is not a guarantie to survival. Something has to change and quick. Humans have done enough damage to natural world, toxic waste, abuse of natural resourses, I'm not gonna go into detail here.

    Anywhere you look, there is pain, suffering, war with what is. This is the reality of human species, this is what it came to. We need to regroup to remain. The situation on Earth is a perfect situation to catapult us into new way of being. That means awakening of every human alive. Survival of species is in all of our hands. I feel that we can not just think, that life is perfect the way it is. I feel that we are all playing a part in life for a reason. The roles are all different, but at this time we have to unite! We have to! This is what is happening inside the perfect life. It's a perfect call for freedom! Follow the heart and the mind. Anwser the call to wake up and wake your neighbour up. Only working together we can make sure that lives of children will carry on.

    The time is now. It is time for war with the self. More people free, easier for others.

    First wake up, then help the others.

  9. No Ellen being weak got you banned