Thursday, 25 November 2010


I had a dream last night that I was sitting in a circle of friends and I said:
"And we all gonna die!"
We all laughed out loud....LOL

What is freedom?

For many years I was searching for personal freedom. I was reading books, following models, trying to believe my way into freedom.

The only thing that I did not see was that I was already free. I could not see that because I was looking to the opposite direction to where the freedom can be found.

Freedom is not believing that I am god and that I am creating this world. Freedom is deep knowing beyond doubt that there is no me as a separate self.

Freedom is flowing within life, not resisting what is.  Freedom is absence of nagging voice in a head judging what is. It's the absence of painful drama,  absence of guilt, feeling of not enough.

Freedom is clarity, love, peace, end of conflict in a head, living trough inspired action. It's freedom when you can express anger, without feeling that it's wrong. Freedom is seeing that you do not own anything nor anyone, that life just happens, that life is not yours, that you are not separate from life. Freedom is surrender, letting life decide what you want to do. Freedom from feeling of being rushed.

It's absence of fear of death, of nothingness.

It's indescribable freedom. And yet it's real. I'm living it.

Most visible change that I can share with you is that I stopped fighting. No more arguments with my husband, work mates, family. There is no self in the thinking that needs to be protected and defended. There is a deep understanding and love towards others.  There is freedom from  wanting to change what is.

You may ask here: hold on, aren't you trying to change what is by transmitting this message of no self?

To this I say, I'm not trying to change what is, there is only flowing with the inspiration. Thoughts are coming and the impulse to write this here now is making these words to appear in front of your eyes.  I'm not resisting this energy, I'm going with this call. This is not my call, it's a call that is happening. It's life blowing the trumpet, pointing to resolution, pointing to freedom.

It is life, that is in the body that moves the body. Life is the life of life. :)

Freedom is here now, as it always been. Only you can not find your way into freedom by following, by believing what other people say.

Freedom is found when all following ends and thinking for oneself begins.

It's the lies that live in your system unquestioned that distort the view. It's  the illusion that you are special makes you look at others from above, it's the I virus that is creating a feeling of separation from all that is. One can only find freedom by recognising lies not by building the fortress to protect them.

So don't just believe what is said, test it for yourself.

Birds are free, fish are free, human is free, only he has been lied to so much by so many, that he lost his ability to see.

No one can teach you to see.

No one can teach you how to be free.

You can look at the pointers and make your own mind up, which road signs to follow. It's usually those that make you think for yourself. It's those that "self" feels resistance to, not the ones that send you to sweet and fuzzy place and make you forget about freedom until the pain creeps in again.

Freedom is sweeter than the sweetest lie.

Just open your eyes and see.

You are already free.


"Do not think you will necessarily be aware of your own enlightenment."



  1. Wow wow wow 315 That is excellent I love it. Just excellent, actually feel lighter just reading this here. Excellent!

  2. I love this freedom piece. You invite the truth in,invite freedom to knock on your door. At times I get caught up in the how it will be when I'm free thing. But I know this is more self trying to control the situation. There is something beautiful and radiant coming from your posts. Thank you