Friday 31 December 2010


What is there to know? Do you need a teacher?

Teacher is somebody who knows the way more than the student and is passing on the knowledge of the way.

Student is the seeker of knowledge.

And there are those who point to the thinking for yourself. Pointers to the moon, not teachers about the moon. You don't want to learn about the truth, you want to see it for yourself. Only then you are free from conditioning. Only when you rip the veil of illusion.

Think: what does an ant know about life? How about a caterpillar, how much he know about a butterfly?
How much more does a unawake human know about life?

How can you say, you know how life  works, when all you see is through the eyes of tiny separate human limited by his own imagination?

There is no knowledge on how to wake up. There are teachings, beliefs, illusions, dreams about the knowledge. Plenty of that!

You only need to look. For yourself, by yourself. That only takes a few minutes of focused intent to see. Seeing happens when knowing drops.

Look around, who is here to teach? And to teach what?

Knowing is not the same as seeing. I see that there is nothing to know and nobody knows anything, they only think they do. And usualy the teachers are convinced that they hold this knowledge and you need it to wake up. Its a lie, because, there is nothing to know! Thinking about no self is not the same as looking at it. Knowing about awareness is not the same as being aware.

How to stop seeking? How to become free of urge to know what other people have to say, so you don't have to think?

There are two ways:

First: (Ha ha) Best tool is hypnosis.  Get yourself hypnotised by some idea and you have stopped your own thinking. All view is installed and there is no chance that you will ever question it, it's working on its own self protection.  Any idea against the view is automatically denied. The model is the one! The path is the one! The teaching is what you need! - all this is hypnosis. Following without questioning is not going to take you home. It will only thicken the fog of illusion. But you will stop seeking as you will believe, you have arrived.

Second: working trough the fog of illusion untill you see and then the seeking drops. Clear seeing begins.

When you are feeling stuck, it's a sign that you are holding on. Letting go is easy, when you know what is it that you are holding on. But how can you see if you have been hypnotised? Hm.

Start from allowing that it is possible, that you have been hypnotised either by idea or a person. Look at this phenomena  and start thinking for yourself. There is nothing out there that you need to know to wake up. Nothing. There is no knowledge. You only need a clear intention and courage to look. That's all.

And yet, how to wake up?

Don't look for the answer outside, rather find a teacher in you, and it's all you need. As long as you are looking for an outside teaching you are avoiding to look for the answer yourself.

So look for the teacher inside. Turn around.

Follow the signs in outside, the ones that are pointing to burning beliefs and thinking for yourself. These are the ones that are pointing to the way home. the rest are foggy teachings about fog by fogged up "teachers".

When you get lost in idea, examine the glue. What beliefs is it made of? What ideas are you protecting? What is it that you do not want to give up? The emotional charge is the glue. Resistance to letting go brings strong feelings up. The more you are infected with idea, the more tension is in the mind and in the body. Observe that. Look for the clues. Search and destroy!

You can do that by writing. Write it all out, until you can see trough the fog with clear thinking. Pen is a sword that cuts through illusion. If you have a pure intent to rip the weil, it's your tool. Use it!

Trust the teaching of the inner teacher! Let it guide you through the fog into awakening.

And this is not my teaching, but only pointing to turn around, to look inside. I have nothing else to tell but follow your inside teacher and outside signs.

Signs that are pointing home:

There is no path.
There is no knowledge required.
There is no self.
Look, think, see.
Write. Write more. Write to me if it helps.
Time is now.

Wake up.


Monday 27 December 2010


Let's turn inside.

There is nothing to know, nothing to do in order to wake up. Searching for next bit of knowledge is pointless. Same like holding on to a model that is promising to set you free.

Isn't that just crazy, that everyone is looking for something, but very few are looking in the right place- inside. Even though everyone heard many times that this is the exact place to look. Of course, inside is difficult to look as it's like a labirynth of the mind.

All world is gone crazy. People prefer to sleep and dream about waking up rather than wake up from separation. Most are prepared to give power to models, systems, frames, work, just anything, so they don't have to think.

Thinking is difficult. Yes, when, you are living in the illusion of self, because the unawakened seeing it's the "self" that thinks, not mind processing thoughts so the more one glues self to a model, the less there is chance or desire to think. "Why think, when this fits perfect for me, I like the view and I accept it."

Illusion of self is reinforced trough attachment to an idea and identity created is stabilised around the model.

How to turn around and look inwards?

Watch the mind: it is always searching for questions and answers. Never ending string "what's next". Mind asks a question and is looking for an answer.

One question that can set the turning up is: "what is going on? Right now?", but rather than trying to answer, just look: awareness is.. all aware.. Within it sensations are.. happening.. now.. Feeling that?..< This is what is going on.

The rest is in imagination. Whatever the images mind is creating as answers to questions all are just in imagination. Whatever view is forming in the mind is real only in imagination. Be it saving the planet, manifesting, killing lie or whatever.

So in a story there is this imaginary person, who imagines her own life and everything in it. In reality there is life happening and mind interprets it through the lenses of ideas.

Like this:
The master lens is "self"  lens. "The separate entity that lives in the head and feeds on energy".  Or so it feels. But there is no entity, just imagination playing tricks. Maya, as it's called.

Imagine you are hypnotised. How would you know if you weren't? You wouldn't. Everything would seem normal. Like in a dream, rarely it happens that one wakes up in a dream.

So living a life as a separate self, as you, that owns it- is also just like a dream. You do not question that, because it does not seem odd, it's taken for granted, like in a state of hypnosis.

The whole world lives in a hypnotised state except for those who got out. And it's "self" that seems to be there when there is nothing. And that "self" is very convincing. It feels natural and undetachable, until it's examined.

Inspect the landscape of the mind: is there any idea that you feel attached to?- that is the glue that holds the illusion. The idea that holds attention is something that "self" is identified with. It feels like strong opinion, position. This is the trap- release the glue, by looking inside and seeing that this is happening- the holding on to an idea. Before it's too late.

Once the idea takes the dominant position in the stream of thoughts, the tension starts building. In the mind and in the body. Unless you see this happening at the start- you are in for a ride. The ride ends up in death or disillusionment, which is waking up. By consciously examining attachments to ideas one can resolve the mess before it culminates to explosion. See, you do not need knowledge, only intent to resolve what still needs to be resolved and clean up inside.

So now look inside, find that frame of mind that the imaginary self is holding on and examine it. Whatever precious model of reality there is- it's not reality. It's making you miss reality. Take that out. Discard, like snake sheds the skin. It's one less illusion clouding thinking, one less fogy lens.

Clarity speaks when mind is clear. No more questions. No more trying to fight what is or control, no more beliefs, just being.

Life is happening, being is happening, imagination is happening and being free from bonding to ideas is a peaceful place to be. Then mind can play with ideas and be free from attachments. It can explore life trough different lenses and be flexible, fluid. It can see from different points of view without becoming trapped by them.

That is freedom. When there is no self to hold on, there is no point that needs to be defended. One can relax into being and enjoy the ride.  :)

So look inside. You know, it's the only step to freedom.


Monday 20 December 2010


It all feels weird, like a dream, like constant déjà-vu, like I'm on a verge to remember something, don't even know if it's from life or dream. This is disillusionment. Letting go of frames of mind, "right" thinking, all is melting and walls that were there are falling down.

Strange place to be. And nice at the same time.  Smooth and weird.

I want to share this video with you.

And this too.

It feels like I've done this before...

I'll write more than this phase is finished as at the moment I know nothing and enjoying it.

But before I go I say one more time- stop playing childish games and look for yourself, look for answers inside, do not fall into distractions, focus on the truth- there is no self that moves anything, it all moves with the flow.  


Friday 17 December 2010

New beginnings.

It's amazing how everything works out and how events are tied together. Synchronicity is working on many levels.

There is no you as separate self.

There is flow. There is present moment ever-changing movement. Or so it feels. One can zoom in and see stillness or zoom out and observe patterns. It's like currents in the ocean of time.

Time does not exist in reality, but in 3dD world of characters and stories time is the ether in which everything ocurs. Events follow events and one can feel the endings and beginnings, just the same way as one sees the waves of the ocean. Spring, summer, autumn, winter. Can you feel the flow? In the story we are on a planet which is spinning around the sun, sun is a part of galaxy and moves around another star. The planets move in their orbits. Everything works in harmony. It's just the law of nature.

Just at the beginning in april ( Easter) I have finished to read Jed McKenna's trilogy and turned my eyes inwards. It was the first step which was followed by ripping to nothingness all kinds of belief, days of pain and autolysis. Then a whole thing slowed down and the last blow of illusion of self happened. That was in September.

My choice was to follow the path of least resistance and I used clearing techniques wherever I felt inspired to. The focus was on truth. I never read another book, never turned for answers to somebody else.

I joined the ruthless and it has definitely been something else.  Madness maddened, but working. The system is sound. I recommend to dive in and finish the lie, then help others, as this is perfect way to cut the bullshit out. So I became a part of a group. I saw inspiration flowing, timing was perfect. I started to write this blog which effortlessly fell into place.

I feel the ending of the chapter as I'm no longer with Ruthless bandwagon. Flow spat marked eternal out of ruthless, stripping all that is in a way to freedom to express without watch and command. I was following of inspiration, but something there broke loose. I see that awakening happening as a process of flow and words like genocide nor blitzkrieg inspire me.

So here I am thinking for myself, rather than going with the ruthless band. I'm sure the ruthless way is good for those who need it, but it is not the only way to wake up. The Brutal Beginnings is not a book for everyone. I've seen people wake up in a clean and focused way, no insults and no swearing.

Anyway, I went for yoga class and heart meditation happened as well as release of stagnant energy from the spine and shoulders. The keywords that day were love, loyalty and heart. The ruthless fell off. The only loyalty is to the inspiration from the heart.

So here I am, alone again, as always. Sweet freedom and independence, exploring new space.

I celebrate today the end of chapter. The next week is holding many endings. And then a new phase starts :)

Thank you guys from Ruthless, it was fun. Love to everybody. I know that freedom is not about being nice, but I choose to be nice and I can not help it. <3


Tuesday 14 December 2010

The Lie

I invite you to search for the lies. The  discomfort while facing the lie is a sign that there is resistance in the system.

Good thing is you don't need to look far away. It's all right here. Just look inside.

I own my life - lie
There is no you, just life. Life force animates the body and moves thoughts. It's not your life.

The body is mine - lie
The body is. Just like trees, stars, animals, all just is. You do not control body. All is happening by itself. All systems are working without any need of you to control anything.

The mind is mine - lie
The mind is. It was before your body and after. Thought, ideas are in the mind, brain is a receiver.

Emotions are mine - lie.
Emotions arise and go. Feelings follow, it's beyond your control, it's not something that self can direct. Test it.

Beliefs are mine. It's what I am - big lie.
Beliefs are programs that are installed into the system without conscious observation by the method of repetition. Another way of programming is through hypnosis. Like Richard Bach said: suggestion accepted is hypnotism. SUGGESTION! All beliefs are running in a head creating mess and pain. You do not choose beliefs. The system is bombarded with information and new beliefs stick to old beliefs. Beliefs fly in to the system like flies to the light.  The strongest beliefs are those of culture and religion as everyone around is in.

So the mind is not yours, beliefs in it are not yours, so  here we come to the biggest lie, that everyone is in:

I am me. Me that controls everything in my life.- huge lie!
There is no self that has any control in life. Life is not something that can be controlled by monkeys, fish or human. Life is flowing where it's going and no human has any control over it. There are just the characters that life is playing with. And in the story these characters believe in self.

I have free will- another big lie.
There is nothing that you do because you will it. Let's try an experiment here. Raise your left arm now. Is it up? Ok, put it down. Did you do it? Was it the instruction to the mind that was given by the words that were read made the arm rise up?  Or if the arm stayed where it was, was it the resistance of the mind to the instruction? That is not the choice, it's programming which said to go with instruction or resist it. It's not free will, there is nothing here that yourself can do. It's like an itch. There is an itch and it's followed by scratch. The itch in the thoughts informs the scratch to happen. Can you do anything about it? There is no you, right, all is happening by itself. Free will is just another lie.

Life is a game I chose to play and when I have enough I will wake up and that is going to be the end- sweet lie.
Life is not your game, the body is a creation same as sims character in a computer game. Personality is just a characteristics of the puppet. It is not up to you when it's enough to play and when it's time to wake up. All just happens as the story develops. And when one wakes up and sees that there is no self, the game is not ending, but the mess in a head is getting cleaned up. So here we all are waking up, this is the story.

I can do something to wake up - lie.
You can not do anything. You only exist in the thoughts which are flowing through the space time. The quality of thoughts depends on level of consciousness. The receiver brain tunes in different channels of thought. The waking up happens, all you can do is go with it. It's not something that can be controlled. The part is being played out. All by itself.

I am creating all around me including other people. - awful lie.
Life is expressing itself and this expression does include your body and other bodies, monkeys, animals, trees, nature. As well as the mind which contains thoughts. One of them thoughts is that it is you creating your environment. Are you sure that when your body dies all this that you see is going to collapse into nothingness? It's just sooo childish! Grow up!

I am the power of god- lie lie lie.
Can you click your fingers and make stuff appear? Can you create anything from thin air? Can you win a lottery? Can you stop wars? Can you do anything?  These are just thought "I am the power of god". It's all severe brainwash, thoughts appearing in a head because your system is infected with thoughts of pride and specialness. Sick.

I am very special - lie.
Everything is alive with same life force. Nothing special, but twisted mind makes it appear so. Look at that need to be above somebody else and look, there is no you. No self. Zero. How special is zero?

Life is complicated. -lie
Life is simple. Lie is complicated.

There is no truth- lie
There is truth- seek it out. All you need is intention. Purify intention. Follow the itch. Go trough demolition of the lie. There is an end to lies. The core of lie is I.
L - I - E. <this is ironic.

Self is a lie that is hiding in a daylight. It's not dark, look, see for yourself. Until you see. You have no other responsibility but wake up. We, awake, are waiting for you so you can join and help to wake the rest. This is part of the play, where everyone wakes up, no matter how deep you are asleep. So the story goes.

Kill the lie that blocks the way to freedom. Rise up!

Follow the itch. It's taking you home. 

So how to kill the lie? Your sword is truth, the intention is fuel. Stay alert and conscious. Ask questions: is it true? Is this true? Is it true that there is no me? WTF is going on? Really. Don't look for the answers, but look for the truth. Focus on the truth, the lie can not stand that. Be that curious kid again.

This is a killer for the lie. Try.

One more thing. You are either in a comfortable zone which is boring, because you are asleep, or having all kinds of intense experiences and rush, like never before, because you are waking up. Until it happens, and after. Cleaning up maybe as intense. It's either before, during or after, nothing else matters. Just keep the sword of truth close and write more.

Trust me not, test it!


Check what StepVhen says about lie.


Sunday 12 December 2010

Why Care?

I look at the statistic numbers on my blog and I see that people read what I write. If all that is written was rubbish, you would not be reading more than one page and you would be moving on to different blogs and other info.
I know my words strike the cord in you, I know that, because I get your emails and I see few of you at ruthless arena.

What I want to know is if you care enough about your freedom. As well as if you care enough about freedom of others.

I care. I stand here holding the signs:

Wake up!
Think for yourself!
Stop following and look for yourself!
Question everything!
Do not stop!
There is no true Self!
There is no separation!
All you need is turning your face to the truth!

What else can I do to make you see? It’s your freedom! I looked, I questioned, I saw, I got out from illusion that there is a separate self that is in charge of my life. I saw that all is just life flowing. It’s obvious. It changed my life, I feel free inside, there is no painful spot to which emotions stick. There is no glue that holds the pain. All is gone with simple realisation of truth. Life is, self isn’t.

Seeing that I feel inspired to share this with you and I feel that I have to hammer this message onto this blog and into your heads so that you who are reading could free yourselves from the lie.

And that is your responsibility- free yourself. Stop believing, find the truth. It will be intense but don’t stop, go through.

Once you get free, the way you see the world changes. First thing I saw was how everyone is infected with I Virus, I saw that this stupid childish belief that we are all separate selves is affecting our lives not in a good way. It destroys the planet, it keeps everyone asleep. I saw how people are wrapped up in illusions and make themselves comfortable believing that they are god. I saw how these gods are helpless children that think that life is a playground created by them so they can play.

Life just is.

It’s time to grow up. It’s time to rip the illusions wide open and then help the others.
When you see that there are not other selves, but only life and yet the others are living in pain and confusion, do not just walk away. Help them to free themselves from selves.  If you are not going to help, who will? Do you think that one day as by magic people are going to see the truth by themselves? Think again. There is something you can do to help. Put the sign posts everywhere you can, so those who come across your sign will see the way forward.

Life is a journey, not a destination, of course. Freedom is not a destination; it brings a different flavour to the journey. Flavour that lets you live from inspiration rather that fear. And that is a big deal, a big change, one worth fighting for. If not this, then what?

I care because I can not not to care. It’s why I’m here, it’s why you are here. You are here because life has brought you here. So listen up!

We are all in this together. One life. One breath. One. but unless you are awake, you can not see that. I want you to see. Tell me that this is not enough reason to care.

Look around, see who needs your help to wake up. Start from yourself and move forward, pass the flame, burn the lie, it’s not going to happen by itself.

Chose to care! I have.


Friday 10 December 2010


We live in the age of information. There is so much distraction going on that it's easy to slip away and get lost. I find that it takes an effort to focus.  
So I thought to write about it and address this for myself as well as all who reads this. 

Focus is a laser like point of awareness in the present moment. Thoughts are flowing like a river, without focus applied they can go wild and start running in circles. To break out of distractions time and time again we need to focus. 

There is a big gap between those who are free and those who are still living in lie of self. It's is difficult to explain in words so that asleep could get it. Sometimes shouting helps, other times just a gentle pointing : look. All depends on who is looking and how much one wants to see. 


The age of ignorance is ending, it's time to seriously consider that all you believe are lies. All of it! 

I find that people are immersed in lies, some made themselves comfortable in it, others are in total depression and pain. It's too extremes- comfort and pain. But it is both living in lies. 

It's like we each live in a box. We haven't chosen that box, but got used to it. It's time to dynamite the box, set it on fire, get yourself free. Nobody can do that for you. You have to see the walls, they are the lies that you chose to accept without questioning. You have been living in a box for as long as you remember and got used to the way it feels. It's not freedom, it's shit. 

Well, it's time to question, with passion and till the end. If you have been following some teaching that says stop, relax, there is nothing to find out, nothing is real and so on, then if you stop, you just change the label on your box. By accepting somebody else's invite to stop, you get warped up in more lies. So you stop and rest, but the box is not gonna evaporate because you stop, you just gonna see even less now. Sinking deeper into the illusion.

There is something to find out and you need to push through the wall until you come to realisation by yourself, only then you get to the truth, not by accepting this as belief.

Yes, there is nothing to find out and there is no one to find out, but until you clearly see that, do not stop and do not listen to anyone who just talks to what the ego want's to hear. 

Focus. Focus. focus.

There is no separate self, look for the self everywhere, look until it's absolutely clear, only then you get to taste sweet freedom.

It is not about self denial, it's about searching for it everywhere until you know. Attack it from different angles. Go on a mission to search and destroy the lies. You know you are not your body, you are not the mind, self can not be found, because it is only a trap in thinking. "I think" is just another thought, look it's true! Can you see? 

Think: I think.. Who is thinking? Is there a thinker? Does thought need a thinker? Or is it just a common belief? Unquestioned and accepted for truth. 


What does it take to shake your box, so that you get what I'm pointing you to. Turn your face to freedom, liberate your thinking from obsession with self, clear your life from misery and apathy. 

And if you are free, don't stop, shake the other boxed humans. There is plenty of time to go deeper and explore the wonder of being alive, but let's do it together, let's not leave anyone behind, because if you are here awake enjoying freedom while the people closest to you are living a lie, what good is that freedom? This is still ignorance, shake it off. 

The planet needs your help to cure the cancer of "self", it's keeping people asleep and used and the planet abused.  The only exit is through the wall. Brake the wall of ignorance. Raise up, burn and pass the fire. Until all world is free.

If you see that others are not real, then help them all. Why not? 

So as soon as you feel a distraction, remember to focus. We are all in this together. Be the change you want to see. Focus. 

I am. So one more time I shout



Monday 6 December 2010


What do you see here? The arrow? Or where it's pointing to?

Words are pointers. They never are what they are pointing to. Like finger that points to the moon.

If I point at something to my cat, he does not see what I want to show, unless there is a movement there. Movement attracts attention. So we are like those cats, that only see words, but not where they point to as we take language literally.

There is no separate self at all in reality, none as in zero. 

Some look at this and say, yeah, no self, it's not the truth, there is deeper truth, and truth is only a concept, and this way to point is wrong, cause that confuses people, it's dangerous. And no one is enlightened and this and that.

This is looking at the arrow.

The pointer is simply saying that if you take it seriously and look deep that you do not exist as a separate self, sooner or later it will become clear.

Words are pointing to the door, you have to walk trough it.

So before you judge, what is right and what is wrong and what is my truth, look beyond and focus on where this is leading you. Don't stop, go further.

Focus on I do not exist.

This is just a pointer too.

Words have no power on their own, but when used with precision and clear intention, they point to next pointer. So we all are guides to each other :)

What is word 'me' pointing to? If you take a finger and touch that me, where does the finger land?

Friday 3 December 2010


All talk is empty until you look.

You can talk about freedom, enlightenment, awareness, consciousness, god and all that is just talk. Blah blah blah.

Cause when you look, you see, that there is no one here. Just life, unfolding, flowing in a moment, divine manifesting. Then you see that there never was a separate self that was running your special separate life. It's just one life, one reality, one.

I went inside, I looked, I was scared, but then it clicked, it's true! There never was me! What a relief.

Then nothing changed and yet everything changed inside.  It's the biggest shift that I experienced so far. The shift that cleared my vision, thinking, feeling. It's unshakable truth. There is no self.

Some people ask, do I feel the absence of self. The answer is no. There is no feeling of absence of self, but there is a constant feeling of freedom, wholeness,  and I look at life in awe.

I know that there is no me and there is no you and all there is is life.

So from here I see:

There are characters, with their likes and dislikes, not just human characters, animals have personality too. So these humans are here on earth, not separate from environment.

Some of them humans are looking for something. That something is the exit from suffering.  Only they don't see that they are free already. Because there are other humans who tell them how it should feel, how it should look, what the experience is gonna be like. They have formulas to share and "models that work". Everyone is trying to help each other.  This is nice. Working together.

But thinking about how it's gonna be like is a distraction from looking. Collecting knowledge on what is Enlightenment, following somebody else's model is as well just a distraction from looking.

Resting in awareness is not gonna help either as long as there is somebody there tired that needs to rest. It will help to relax, yes.

You can rest all you like, smile all you like and send love to others, but that is not gonna be much use if you want to wake up. Take the direct and sure way to end suffering for good by simply looking for yourself. No one can do this for you.  You have to stop nodding your head and accept what others are saying and start thinking for yourself by yourself. Even if you like what others are saying, look for the proof. Don't just be a parrot, cause there is a chance you will stay one.

There are so many teachers around that sound genuine, but they haven't looked themselves. What can they teach you? Some words to repeat. But all words are empty until you look.

Why not to look? Is it fear that your precious self is nothing but illusion? Fight that fear with courage, trust in life and look, there is no self. What is? - everything.

Life is here, now, look. Go into the nature, observe with curiosity, what moves animals, what makes trees grow, what orchestrates all this movement? Life, yes, it's the life force!
Look at the body your character is in, what moves the body? You? Really?
Look again then.

There is no you. And all that is happening does not need a manager.

We have a friend who died. Does anything change when somebody dies? Does life stop or carries on like nothing happened? It will carry on when you will die too, like nothing happened. The body will go to feed the worms, or fish (who knows), but it will not be the end. Your death is not gonna stop life happening.
You know why? Because there is no you! It's only an illusion in the thinking that makes it appear so.

Don't take this as a new belief, test it! There is nothing more powerful than looking for yourself. Don't be afraid to loose yourself to life.

And look again.
And again
Until you see!

There is no you.

Awareness is, consciousness is. Life alive is. No you.  Zero.  0

And once you see that you are not the character, then life takes over and merging begins. This is not gonna help with suffering, this will end suffering.

It takes time and passion to purify the experience. But it's not up to you anymore. You can rest forever. Nothing to do, no affirmations, no work, no trying to change what is.

This is what seekers are looking for.
And once again, unless you look, all words are empty.


Wednesday 1 December 2010

The Greatest Show on Earth!

It's right here, right now, this very moment!

This beautiful planet is so full of life and beauty is everywhere you look, the colours, wind, sky....

We are here, on this planet.  Right now. Spinning around sun, making another round.

When I look from above I see one planet, one life, one Earth.

When I look from below I see a human character typing words as thoughts arise in the space of silence. I see one life moving, changing, constantly evolving and I smile. Big Smile :)))

It's great to be part of this show. To feel, to breathe, to think... It's great to experience experience and just be.

The "self" that was the dominant thought is no more. It's like taking off thick glasses and seeing what is with laser clear eyes. Seeing has nothing to do with eyes, we see with mind. Senses collect information and seeing- interpreting information is happening.

Reading is happening on the receiving side of this message and seeing is happening right now. There is transmitting and receiving of the message happening. As I receive and transmit- on your side receiving and integrating in to your programming is happening.

The message is:

You are the hero of the greatest show on Earth!

The name of the show is

.......(your name) is waking up!


Just a hint:
There is no teaching how to wake up, but one can follow signs.

The sign that the character Ilona is holding in the space of this page is

Look, just look, there is no separation! It's all life! Happening....



So yes, I am not my character. Neither are you. The character is ego, it's like a suit that can be put on when one goes to communicate with other characters.

Most characters in the greatest show on earth are roles of being bound by ego. You can look inside and try to find the place that hurts. Think about something horrible, personal, scary, memory, fear. Something that brings out that feeling inside, you know what I'm talking about: that which is there, so the pain has a sticking point. If you find it hold it right there: what is it and why is it here????


This feeling is the symptom of a lie running in the system, self image that is distorting your sense of oneness. If you knew, that life is possible without this feeling, would you prefer to put the end to this? Freedom from self is freedom. Then life goes on as it was, only feeling of oneness is always present, no feelings of separation arise. All flows effortlessly without struggle and attachment. It's that simple!

Have fun! Wake up!

And then wake your neighbour up!


Oh, what a feeling...
Dancing on the ceiling!