Friday, 31 December 2010


What is there to know? Do you need a teacher?

Teacher is somebody who knows the way more than the student and is passing on the knowledge of the way.

Student is the seeker of knowledge.

And there are those who point to the thinking for yourself. Pointers to the moon, not teachers about the moon. You don't want to learn about the truth, you want to see it for yourself. Only then you are free from conditioning. Only when you rip the veil of illusion.

Think: what does an ant know about life? How about a caterpillar, how much he know about a butterfly?
How much more does a unawake human know about life?

How can you say, you know how life  works, when all you see is through the eyes of tiny separate human limited by his own imagination?

There is no knowledge on how to wake up. There are teachings, beliefs, illusions, dreams about the knowledge. Plenty of that!

You only need to look. For yourself, by yourself. That only takes a few minutes of focused intent to see. Seeing happens when knowing drops.

Look around, who is here to teach? And to teach what?

Knowing is not the same as seeing. I see that there is nothing to know and nobody knows anything, they only think they do. And usualy the teachers are convinced that they hold this knowledge and you need it to wake up. Its a lie, because, there is nothing to know! Thinking about no self is not the same as looking at it. Knowing about awareness is not the same as being aware.

How to stop seeking? How to become free of urge to know what other people have to say, so you don't have to think?

There are two ways:

First: (Ha ha) Best tool is hypnosis.  Get yourself hypnotised by some idea and you have stopped your own thinking. All view is installed and there is no chance that you will ever question it, it's working on its own self protection.  Any idea against the view is automatically denied. The model is the one! The path is the one! The teaching is what you need! - all this is hypnosis. Following without questioning is not going to take you home. It will only thicken the fog of illusion. But you will stop seeking as you will believe, you have arrived.

Second: working trough the fog of illusion untill you see and then the seeking drops. Clear seeing begins.

When you are feeling stuck, it's a sign that you are holding on. Letting go is easy, when you know what is it that you are holding on. But how can you see if you have been hypnotised? Hm.

Start from allowing that it is possible, that you have been hypnotised either by idea or a person. Look at this phenomena  and start thinking for yourself. There is nothing out there that you need to know to wake up. Nothing. There is no knowledge. You only need a clear intention and courage to look. That's all.

And yet, how to wake up?

Don't look for the answer outside, rather find a teacher in you, and it's all you need. As long as you are looking for an outside teaching you are avoiding to look for the answer yourself.

So look for the teacher inside. Turn around.

Follow the signs in outside, the ones that are pointing to burning beliefs and thinking for yourself. These are the ones that are pointing to the way home. the rest are foggy teachings about fog by fogged up "teachers".

When you get lost in idea, examine the glue. What beliefs is it made of? What ideas are you protecting? What is it that you do not want to give up? The emotional charge is the glue. Resistance to letting go brings strong feelings up. The more you are infected with idea, the more tension is in the mind and in the body. Observe that. Look for the clues. Search and destroy!

You can do that by writing. Write it all out, until you can see trough the fog with clear thinking. Pen is a sword that cuts through illusion. If you have a pure intent to rip the weil, it's your tool. Use it!

Trust the teaching of the inner teacher! Let it guide you through the fog into awakening.

And this is not my teaching, but only pointing to turn around, to look inside. I have nothing else to tell but follow your inside teacher and outside signs.

Signs that are pointing home:

There is no path.
There is no knowledge required.
There is no self.
Look, think, see.
Write. Write more. Write to me if it helps.
Time is now.

Wake up.


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