Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Greatest Show on Earth!

It's right here, right now, this very moment!

This beautiful planet is so full of life and beauty is everywhere you look, the colours, wind, sky....

We are here, on this planet.  Right now. Spinning around sun, making another round.

When I look from above I see one planet, one life, one Earth.

When I look from below I see a human character typing words as thoughts arise in the space of silence. I see one life moving, changing, constantly evolving and I smile. Big Smile :)))

It's great to be part of this show. To feel, to breathe, to think... It's great to experience experience and just be.

The "self" that was the dominant thought is no more. It's like taking off thick glasses and seeing what is with laser clear eyes. Seeing has nothing to do with eyes, we see with mind. Senses collect information and seeing- interpreting information is happening.

Reading is happening on the receiving side of this message and seeing is happening right now. There is transmitting and receiving of the message happening. As I receive and transmit- on your side receiving and integrating in to your programming is happening.

The message is:

You are the hero of the greatest show on Earth!

The name of the show is

.......(your name) is waking up!


Just a hint:
There is no teaching how to wake up, but one can follow signs.

The sign that the character Ilona is holding in the space of this page is

Look, just look, there is no separation! It's all life! Happening....



So yes, I am not my character. Neither are you. The character is ego, it's like a suit that can be put on when one goes to communicate with other characters.

Most characters in the greatest show on earth are roles of being bound by ego. You can look inside and try to find the place that hurts. Think about something horrible, personal, scary, memory, fear. Something that brings out that feeling inside, you know what I'm talking about: that which is there, so the pain has a sticking point. If you find it hold it right there: what is it and why is it here????


This feeling is the symptom of a lie running in the system, self image that is distorting your sense of oneness. If you knew, that life is possible without this feeling, would you prefer to put the end to this? Freedom from self is freedom. Then life goes on as it was, only feeling of oneness is always present, no feelings of separation arise. All flows effortlessly without struggle and attachment. It's that simple!

Have fun! Wake up!

And then wake your neighbour up!


Oh, what a feeling...
Dancing on the ceiling!


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