Monday, 29 November 2010

Master, Master, I want to be the Chosen One!

New age movement is the biggest trap that one can get himself into.  The ideas that you are The One that you are the general manager of the universe are very attractive. The seeker is very likely to accept this without questioning.  Why to question, it sounds good, it must be true, so I just go with it.

I've been there myself. That was the deepest nonsense that I have ever immersed myself into. It sounded like that: "I am the ultimate power of the universe". LOL

This is the opposite to reality, there is no separate self in reality, there is no power in thoughts about self, it's just an illusion, accepted for granted.  In reality there is life happening in the space of now. Undisturbed by what thoughts are about it.

Why is it that people do not question anything? This is a biggest mystery.  Somewhere somehow we choose to accept ideas without proof. Sometime ago we must have sacrificed the truth for illusion. Somehow we think that the concepts are not pointers, but are it.

I look at this new age movement and see that there is no place for truth there, it's a collection of beliefs, based on beliefs, and then more beliefs. Who cares about truth when you can just play with opinions, making yourself look clever. You can even take a role of a leader, nobody questions if you are awake as long as the words you repeat are the same that egos want to hear. Plus if you say: I love you, you get many I-love-yous back. That feeds everyones ego, everyone is happy :)

The bigger the lie, the more followers. People like to hear what supports their sense of self. They do not like challenge their model of reality. Accepting lies is like drinking poison, but please don't take it away, everyone drinks it. Like smoking. I used to smoke and I used to say, I like it, because it's cool, it tastes like shit, it hurts my lungs and it's no good for me, but with smokers around I'm not gonna quit, I would feel left out. Even if it's poisonous, I would say, that enjoyed it.

The lies are poison to the mind and they do more damage than tobacco. They kill your desire to dig for truth. Once you accept a popular belief, that belief starts making home in the torrent of thoughts and poisons your sense of reality.

Why do we like tv, movies? Games? - it's a perfect way to escape reality! Reality is bad, it's just much better to loose mind in some meaningless tv show about crap, so just for some time we don't need to see that horrible reality.

But the best way to escape what is real is by immersing fully into the unreal. People create themselves a comfortable illusion, where they become The One, the masters of universe, creators of all life, they get to repeat that for themselves day in day out, closing the doors to any questioning.  "I am everything, I need nothing"... Wow.

The craziest thing I heard recently is that all that is is happening is happening in YOU.
What??? In you? What are you? The universe?

What is you? There is no you in reality, but only in thinking.  There are thoughts about you, in thinking, it's just a collection of thoughts. I virus, I call it. It's the little tiny virus that infected intelligence with a single thought of self and that thought of self is assumed as universe itself. Oh my.

The thought is just that, a thought, it has no power in reality, it does not change what is. It does not create what is. It's just a reflection in the mind. It can affect what's real same way like the reflection of the moon in a lake.  It's just a reflection.  It's there, one can see the reflection, but if you assume that the reflection is the moon, you are blind to what is. Mind is like a lake and thoughts are reflections of reality.

Reality can not be disturbed by a thought, reality just is. And that's it.

So how come these thoughts about self become the most powerful force in the universe creating all that is?

Again, it's an unquestioned assumption, because if nobody around questions it, it must be true. The gurus say that: you are god! Wow, that's impressive, I want to be god! Yesss.... I want to be in control, I take the job of managing universe.  I am The One! My life does not really work, but hey, I'm so powerful that I hide my power from myself so I can play a human game and take pain. I don't like pain, really...

If you just scratch the surface of this lie, you see, all of it will fall.

You are not god, you are not. You are a monkey lost in a head. (slap)

Question everything.

You can only find freedom if you think for yourself. Stop feeding you guru, which is hungry for your attention, stop feeding the lies that poison you, just think for yourself.

Is it true?- let this be your new mantra, your new affirmation, your new guide in the maze of lies.

Is it true?

The self that you think is running your life and the universe is only a collection of thoughts about self. there is no self anywhere. Look.

Is it true?

There is no you.

Is it true?

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  1. This is great! I followed a link to your blog from SteVen's blog, of which I'm a big fan now. I've been on a loopy bandwagon of Advaita Clown crap, and you folks are just damned refreshing. Thanks! You've made my blog reader now! Good stuff!