Thursday 26 May 2011

Cold feet

My hands and feet are pretty cold during the day and I accept that, it's all good. But sometimes they feel too cold for me to fall asleep. So naturally I want them warm.

I feel the cold and notice, how the rest of the body is comfortable warm, I look at how this feels and notice the same vibration in the feet, amazingly they start warming up immediately. in a minute it's lovely and I can sleep...

I see that other stuff in life is working by the same principle. If we feel down, unworthy, shameful, confused, the mind makes it stick and keeps creating sad scenarios to which we naturally resist. We want better! In this case I'd take a small step- stop and notice- the grace of it all, the unspeakable, consciousness, one...

Notice with curiosity and it changes the feeling, from "give me better, you stupid life!" to silent wow. This openness is always here, now. Present. Feeling of appreciation rises. Heart opens. It is not the mind, but the heart... <3

In this silence I can look at what is going on within the mind and detangle it. Gently looking inside, freeing the patterns, bringing in more peace. One more thorn out, one virus less, this is it. Gorgeous.

All feelings are here for a reason, they need to be addressed, accepted, looked in, honoured and released. Until this happens, they will be coming back in form of attachments. Invite them closer just by noticing what is.

And since it's all one consciousness talking to itself, I'm sure you all know this. I just enjoy writing...


Saturday 21 May 2011

Finding gentleness

It's a beautiful day. Again. Life has been very fun and kind, bringing in lots of beauty and goodness. So it wasn't much to write about other than ahh, it feels so good... With occasional moments of craziness, last bits of stress and wanting to change things.

I see that human neurosis and stress is rising from wanting something else than what is, seeking for "better" and missing the beauty of right now.

Today I met my friend Elena. What a blessing. We connected on facebook and talked everyday, it was awesome to meet in person. As synchronicity plays in a magnificent ways it was arranged that we went to a meeting with Pamela Wilson- kindest, most gentle being that I have ever met. I never been to a gathering like this before so it was a new experience, that brought in a completely new look on what's going on.

I put my sword to rest. Even though I haven't been using it much lately, I see now that it is not necessary to cut the heads, instead I can just rest and honour. Whatever happens- Yey!

Everyone is a master of their own way, everyone is playing their roles perfectly, no matter what it appears to the mind. And the mind is not the boss, but only an interpreter of heart. It is the heart that is the heart of being. It opens up and transmutes whatever rises up from the depth of invisible. I bow to heart and honour it's wisdom and power of alchemy.

As people were sharing their problems, Pamela was simply untangling the mess, approaching from different angle that mind could never have worked out by itself. It was beautiful to see how energy changed and got lighter. Wow.

I saw how peoples problems really was the same old problem and each question explored a different unique angle, but it was really the same. I was sitting and drinking the atmosphere of gentle resolutions, resonating with beautiful characters who were here to drop their pain.

I feel much appreciation for life and everyone I meet. Radiant great-fullness. I let the gentleness be the gate opener.

And even though most people are still experiencing fear and pain, life is taking care of business, it's ok, I can rest, there is nothing to worry about. At all.

Thank you, Elena :) for beauty and joy, for being a friend beyond concept.

Much love to everyone.


Sunday 8 May 2011

A Joke

This is my favourite joke that I have told many people and now I want to share it with you ;)


A man dies and goes to hell.
A devil meets him at the gate and tells him to look around and find a place where he will stay for eternity.
So the guy looks around and notices people in pain, suffering, flames, screams, tears everywhere. He can't find a place for himself so keeps walking, looking, searching. He looks down and sees a bit of sand...
"Sand, in hell? Weird" he thinks, lifts his eyes up and sees an oasis in the distance.
He goes closer and sees people, sitting in the sun around tables, eating, drinking and having fun! He comes up to them and asks:
"Hello people, can I sit with you for a while, just got here and looking for a place to stay"
Everyone welcomes him, offering drink and food, the man sits in the sun, relaxes and asks again:
"I'm a bit confused, is this hell?"
"Of course it's hell, we are all dead and yes, you are in hell!"
"But how about over there, where all this suffering taking place?
"It's hell there too, only there is one difference. There is for those who BELIEVE"


I don't believe...
Do you?