Friday 29 August 2014

Direct Pointing Session at The Wilbury Clinic

I have been invited by my friends from Liberation Unleashed to The Wilbury Clinic to hold a workshop with therapists. It was very interesting to guide people that haven't heard about LU movement, nor were familiar with what this no self stuff is about. It was really nice to meet open minded group, that were curious enough to dive into to the unknown.

At the start there was some fear, but as the session progressed people relaxed more and more. They were keen on looking and examining, the session was long, intense, but it was very enjoyable; it was full of pointers, exercises, looking through different angles. All participants were engaging and it was delightful to be able to share this once again.

My deep appreciation for Vajralila and Sudakini for bringing therapy and Direct Pointing together. These women are doing a great job, helping those in need, to find their way to clarity and out of suffering. Their clinic is beautiful, welcoming and light. The uniqueness of that clinic lies in non dualistic aproach to clients and their needs. It is inspiring how both Vajralila and Sudakini together created space that attracts more therapist, workshops, meetings with teachers. It has been just over a year when I had conversations with both of them and they crashed the gateless gate. Now they guide too...

You can listen to the recording of Direct Pointing session here and please pass it on to a friend that may be interested.