Thursday 24 March 2011


As life goes on we are all digging a hole looking for treasure. The treasure is freedom from suffering, freedom from everything, everlasting contentment, joy of life and unconditional love.

The question is, are you sure you are digging your own hole or is it possible that you got distracted by someone else's findings? It's great to see that others are finding treasures and sharing wisdom on where and how they found it, but what really counts is your own findings.

You can clap hands and shout woo hoo when you see the success of your friends, but what about your success, have you found your freedom?

I did.

I can talk about it, enjoy writing about it, sing songs and dance, but has my freedom got anything to do with yours? You are on your own in your own treasure hunt. Don't get distracted, keep digging until you see for yourself, by yourself. Keep digging until the truth is revealed to you, don't stop at the road signs, it's not the destination.

Imagine you drive on the highway and watch out for the directions. You see a sign and rather than passing by keeping the eye on destination you stop at the sign and start analysing it. What is it made of, how is it build, how other people perceive it, what does it mean etc. Immediately you get stuck, look, it's just a sign post, keep moving. Don't get confused by the shiny wisdom, as long as it does not come from your own realisation, it just another concept.

I see that humans like to help each other before they help themselves. Before they find their own freedom they are just as lost as you.

Help yourself first. Then you can guide others to their own freedom.

keep moving.



Friday 18 March 2011

The show

Let's talk about the show that's going on here. There is this character Ilona. She is a young woman, passionate and creative, she does tattoos for a living and explores life's mysteries.

One day in the story she woke up, she saw how ridiculous situation is, that humans are full of themselves, ignoring what is in front of their eyes, immersed in drama, believing it's real and not questioning if it is.

One day she saw, that there was no self, but only life flowing, character playing the role, that can not be chosen by character itself. The character Ilona is the play. There is nothing behind. There is no one directing it, it plays itself. Self existing play.

Whatever thoughts appear, it's part of play. Whatever move she makes it's part of play.
Seeing this the suffering drops, no more tears, no more heartbreake, no more owning pain. No more sticking to emotions and owning them, just flow, just a movie. That which is, just is. And it's everything. The grand show of humans is on, nobody is watching, as there is nobody here, but self existing play. Woo Hoo!

Let's go back to Ilona.
It appears that it is her writing this. It isn't really- just flow, just play, just life, without a separate person. The show is going on.

And you are in it- a character that plays out a role perfectly, there is no bad acting. Every act is perfect. Every character that she meets only know her as a character and to everyone she is different. A fiction. Like batman.

Creative power is playing, expressing as stories, as feelings that stories raise up.

Look at the game Sims. It's a simple version of what is going on in the human game of evolution on planet Earth. the characters are created, given features, likes, dislikes, appearance, name, etc and they are dropped into a house where they go around their normal needs, like eating, washing, toilet, work, make money, socialise etc.

Character Ilona hated this game, it seemed to her so evil, the players seemed so powerless, such puppets of the one with a kreyboard and mouse. But she is just the same- a character, who goes around her day, powerless to change the script as it is the script that plays out as her.

Whatever comes up is part of play. And that's all there is. Only there is no man with a keyboard and mouse. Hihi

In the story of character Ilona since seeing through illusion of separate self the freedom keeps expanding. The joy is here, the story is about losing all that does not serve her anymore.

Whatever happens, there is this deep knowing that Ilona feels- the flow is. It's nothing that she can do about it. So flowing peacefully within it is such a exciting way to live. Whatever is expressing itself is unstoppable and welcome.

Like this post. It happens by itself. Forget about Ilona, see for yourself. There is no you but play is on, the fictional character........ (your name) is in it. And that is it.

Monday 14 March 2011

Mind the Mind

Imagine a commuter system.
Imagine there is a little virus program sitting inside and judging how it works, talking non stop about what is right and wrong and what is missing.
Imagine you deformat the drive and the little bugger is gone.
All it was- just a bug.
Everyone is searching for freedom (if it hasn't been found yet). Liberation is the goal, freedom from suffering, freedom from mind.

Peace and clarity, pure being- these are some beautiful words that attract seekers.

Where do you look for liberation? The confusion is in the mind, so the liberation takes place in the mind. The identification with thinker, the assumption that it is a "me" there putting thoughts in order is the core of suffering.

Where does suffering take place? I'd say that in the heart and trough the mind it manifests as endless thoughts about what is wrong or what is missing. Pain happens in the body, suffering- in the heart and mind labels everything as "my pain" creating more suffering.

Heart opens when mind gets quiet. When mind is quiet, peace and silence get noticed. Awareness of here and now... With crazy chatting mind there never will be peace. But liberation is not about getting rid of mind, it's about clearing mind. Cleaning it up from unstoppable feedback loops, trains of thought that go round and round... like a record baby...

Imagine your home needs cleaning big time. Spring cleaning is a big job. And rather than starting throwing old things out and polishing every corner you go for a walk in a park. Relaxing in awareness, enjoying view and noticing how everything is one and perfect. Nice fuzzy feelings.

When you get home, did the house got clean as a result of your relaxing in the park? I bet it didn't.

To get the house clean one actually needs to roll up the sleeves and do some work. If you think that your mind will become liberated if you remember to stay in the now think again. Think hard.

And think for yourself.

The problem with humans is not that they are unaware, but confused. everyone knows everything except that their cup is full. The mind is programmed with culture, beliefs, identification, knowledge, stories and opinions. Do you see where I'm going? The liberation is not from the mind, but from content of mind which distorts the view of that which is. From assumption that it is a "me" sitting in the brain making decisions based on free choise.

No belief is true.

Suffering serves as a fuel for search for peace. The best opportunity to investigate when suffering becomes unbearable. untill you desire freedom with all your being, until you instruct mind to investigate itself, nothing will change. You can pretend, ignore, deny, but you can not run anywhere away from your mind. "You" is in the mind until it isn't.

So mind the mind and start using it. Think for yourself what is true until you know.

Focus on liberation, because without goal mind get's lost and distracted too easy. Practice awareness, but don't believe anyone who says anything without checking it out for yourself.

Suggestion accepted is hypnotism, break out from the trance of believing good people and get your mind clear.

By yourself.



Friday 11 March 2011


I woke up this morning to the news of earthquake in Japan. I was stunned by the size of the wave- 10 meters high! What a powerful force of devastation! How quickly it changes the landscape, destroying all in it's way, sweeping all that has been so carefully planed, built, maintained... Woosh and all gone, only debris is left, cleaning up will start soon, trying to get back to normal, rebuilding what's been washed away...

That wave reminds me of waking up wave in the mind. First a quake, then a massive wave of disillusionment, followed by destruction of all beliefs followed by cleaning up what's left and realising that all that is gone is gone...

No regrets...

No one to regret, suffer, own anything...

The massive tsunami of awakening is taking no prisoners, but releasing all from their cells, opening the doors to wide open unknown. The wave is washing away all that is being held on, all identification, stripping humans of their self images, leaving them naked of any defence lines, purifying the essence of life.

The wave that hit me back in September brought total and brutal destruction of all that I knew and cleaned up what is from need to hold on what isn't.


Back then on Ruthless Truth arena...

Can one think itself out of existence?
Or is there more work to do than that?
I mean burning all the lies until there are no more lies left. Understanding intellectually "I don't exist" is not the same as striping every layer down until there is no more self. Isn't it just a trick of imagination that people in this forum are stuck in?

you don't understand it intellectually.
because well lets say:

you have the ability to look for truth???
with that ability you look in religion/ideals, with that ability you look the "there is no you" recognition.
and you do it honestly.
the difference is that with religion you give your ability to look for truth to some organization or individual.
so you get beliefs. but you dont get truth, or maybe you need to wait some time to see if your cult is the truth or wait some lifetimes.

is not an ideal is a recognition.

there are no layers, you are not layers.

I mean layers of lies that surround the truth. You find layers when you dig deeper. You break through layers with insights.

Life as we know it is made up of layers of bullshit.
Nobody knows anything- all knowing is based on "repeat after me" principle. Until you find truth by yourself using your own thinking you are trapped in layer of somebody else's bullshit.
Like "if I follow ciaran I will get liberated" it's a layer of bullshit.

Suffering, meted out by Reality, is the only true way to destroy lies.

you can only think about it as a concept... but thats not what it is. its not a concept, its truth. a realization of truth which renders the "you" insignificant


Shut the fuck up. The same goes for you Shit Happens. Keep your bullshit for one thread. Until you're liberated I don't want to see thread after thread with your 'insights'.

Seriously, you're making me furious. If this was biblical times and Moses went up the mountain, you'd be one of the mother fuckers worshipping a straw donkey the minute Moses went out of site, you don't give a fuck about the message.

Fuck you, deal with the issue. You do not exist. Until you recognise that, or are willing to look at it fucking honestly keep your insights to yourself.

"315 wrote:
Or is there more work to do than that?
I mean burning all the lies until there are no more lies left. Understanding intellectually "I don't exist" is not the same as striping every layer down until there is no more self. Isn't it just a trick of imagination that people in this forum are stuck in?"

There is only one lie. it is subtle but evident. it is as evident as the sun burning.

There is no you.

Consider you as a baby. "You" were born. Open "your" eyes. there is a mind a body a human there. But where is this intangible "you" that you attribute all experience to? Where is it? Is it real? What is it? memories? feelings? triumphs? disappointments? suffering?

All these things are true, but none of them are you .

You as you know yourself don't exist.

Now go look mother fucker and don't come back unless you have stared at it.

you dont need to understand all "the layers" man. you dont need to know how a wall is made (what materials) if you just want to destroy it

destroy the fucking core bitch, there is no you.
coward unless you prove yourself wrong.

ok i just re-read this last thing you posted

>>>Until you find truth by yourself using your own thinking you are trapped in layer of somebody else's bullshit.
Like "if I follow ciaran I will get liberated" it's a layer of bullshit.

well you can runaway from books, and start looking for truth on your own.
but try the "there is no you" thing seriously,
fear of getting deluded??
if you fear getting deluded, i dont know what to think about that.

get 30 min to take this seriously instead of resisting the idea. then if you dont get liberated. go away from here.
seriously test it. enage in it. dont think about dont existing.
test the idea.

there is no you.
youre not your body, your feelings, your emotions, your energy, or the totality of that together. youre not your soul
i am My soul , or any other more elaborate illusion .

there is no you.

I thank you all for your support and I honestly appreciate what is going on here. I see the technique, I see the purpose and I appreciate all whipping. I know that we are here to fight lies and I am that lie.

I'm totally serious about getting out of delusion but on the way to freedom I encounter multiple obstacles, like fear of delusion (well pointed out)
I'm staring at the truth of no self and waiting to see. I understand intelectualy, but the experiencing is still not happening. I understand that it is life that is happening and there is no way that imaginary "me" can do anything to influence the process in any way. I am not resisting the idea, I'm staring at it even in my dreams. At this moment all I know for sure is fuck knows what's going on.
If there is somebody who can see where I'm stuck and is willing to help me bust trough the lie I would love to work with you.
I know that one thing I need to do is see the truth that I don't exist. I kind of see it but not fully yet.

youre not your obstacles. youre not that bullshit.

who is seeing?
no experiencer behind the experience.
understanding isnt you.

"315 wrote:
Or is there more work to do than that?
I mean burning all the lies until there are no more lies left. Understanding intellectually "I don't exist" is not the same as striping every layer down until there is no more self.

This is not some bullshit pretentious crap. This is good.

"315 wrote:
Isn't it just a trick of imagination that people in this forum are stuck in?"

This is some bullshit pretentious crap. This is bad.

Do more good stuff.

sup man, just saw you on the list of killed guys;

315: » Thu Sep 30, 2010 7:31 pm
shit, i'm on the list...
i better start focusing like laser recognising the truth.

till finding this forum i was always focused on bullshit and seeing it everywhere. as i said in my first posts i have a sensor for bullshit and Robert pointed out
"When you are liberated, you get 'truth sensors' and not bullshit sensors."

i see that now. that's the point.
thank you.

it's funny, how i never really questioned existence of me. i'ts so ingrained in the thoughts that is taken for granted by everyone, with a very few exceptions. all life that i thought as mine is not mine, it's just life... killed...
so be it.
i keep going until i'm done. it's not up to me anyway.. definitely hooked.

good job 315. thought you were lost cause.

Awesome man. Welcome.

Tsunami- the great wave of destruction.
Waking up- the great wave of destruction.
No one can hide, but if you choose to ride this wave, it's gonna be an awesome ride. Don't stop, destroy what's in a way to freedom and let whatever you are holding on go... no regrets...

Can one think itself out of existance? No, as it has never exixted, Yes, as it is only in the mind as a thought. But don't listen to me, find out for yourself.


Saturday 5 March 2011


Welcome to the Hall of Mirrors...

We all know what a mirror is- a reflector. Nothing touches a surface, nothing affects the mirror, it only reflects back. The mirror shows what is as it is.

If it gets dusty, then wiping the dust clears the view, but it does not change the view.

Reflections reflected creates an infinite repetition of the same image. It's just one image really, but only 2 mirrors create an illusion that there is endlessness.

There are mirrors that reflect physical 3d world and there are invisible ones that reflects thoughts and shows what is felt.

There is one mind and there are many lenses through which one mind can explore what is. And each lens is unique. There are no two of the same. When two lenses meet, reflections happen, the view comes into focus, the one mind explores.

Since there is only one life, one mind and one is not two, the reflections are all of the same one.

So when two humans meet and talk it's one mind talking and each one human can see through his one unique lens.

Most humans see that there is another human and he communicates with the other believing that there is somebody other than one.

But it's just one mind!

So all I'm saying, I'm not talking to you, but only to myself, all the time. Everything I say is being said because I need to hear it.

If I forget that it's just me here I may get into arguments with others and keep trying to prove my truth to them.

If I'm aware that it's just me talking to me, then everything is said is said with love and with best intentions.

The only one who needs to learn is the teacher.

If I teach, I really just see the reflection of me saying something to me, trying to get through the wall of not understanding.

What would happen if humans started to see this and release the reflections from "their" teaching. How would anything change if a teacher would get it? Would those who "need teaching" be free to find peace?

Would teacher find peace?

Anyway, I say something to you and you reaction to your answer is the reflection. I say that which I need to hear the most, you say to me what you need to hear. And that's how i play in the hall of mirrors.

One mind, one conversation going. The misunderstandings happen when instead of looking at our own reflection and recognising it for what it is we start judging the frame, the other mirror, the process of reflection and discuss how it is happening missing the whole point of it being here for us to see ourselves. Clear the mind and look at the argument, recognise your words reflected back and learn from them yourself. You only need to listen to your own voice!

The desire to teach comes from need to learn.

That's how I see it...

...when I look into the mirror, I see an image of one.

One mind talking/listening/reflecting/learning to and from itself.

Much fun.

What do you see?