Monday, 14 March 2011

Mind the Mind

Imagine a commuter system.
Imagine there is a little virus program sitting inside and judging how it works, talking non stop about what is right and wrong and what is missing.
Imagine you deformat the drive and the little bugger is gone.
All it was- just a bug.
Everyone is searching for freedom (if it hasn't been found yet). Liberation is the goal, freedom from suffering, freedom from mind.

Peace and clarity, pure being- these are some beautiful words that attract seekers.

Where do you look for liberation? The confusion is in the mind, so the liberation takes place in the mind. The identification with thinker, the assumption that it is a "me" there putting thoughts in order is the core of suffering.

Where does suffering take place? I'd say that in the heart and trough the mind it manifests as endless thoughts about what is wrong or what is missing. Pain happens in the body, suffering- in the heart and mind labels everything as "my pain" creating more suffering.

Heart opens when mind gets quiet. When mind is quiet, peace and silence get noticed. Awareness of here and now... With crazy chatting mind there never will be peace. But liberation is not about getting rid of mind, it's about clearing mind. Cleaning it up from unstoppable feedback loops, trains of thought that go round and round... like a record baby...

Imagine your home needs cleaning big time. Spring cleaning is a big job. And rather than starting throwing old things out and polishing every corner you go for a walk in a park. Relaxing in awareness, enjoying view and noticing how everything is one and perfect. Nice fuzzy feelings.

When you get home, did the house got clean as a result of your relaxing in the park? I bet it didn't.

To get the house clean one actually needs to roll up the sleeves and do some work. If you think that your mind will become liberated if you remember to stay in the now think again. Think hard.

And think for yourself.

The problem with humans is not that they are unaware, but confused. everyone knows everything except that their cup is full. The mind is programmed with culture, beliefs, identification, knowledge, stories and opinions. Do you see where I'm going? The liberation is not from the mind, but from content of mind which distorts the view of that which is. From assumption that it is a "me" sitting in the brain making decisions based on free choise.

No belief is true.

Suffering serves as a fuel for search for peace. The best opportunity to investigate when suffering becomes unbearable. untill you desire freedom with all your being, until you instruct mind to investigate itself, nothing will change. You can pretend, ignore, deny, but you can not run anywhere away from your mind. "You" is in the mind until it isn't.

So mind the mind and start using it. Think for yourself what is true until you know.

Focus on liberation, because without goal mind get's lost and distracted too easy. Practice awareness, but don't believe anyone who says anything without checking it out for yourself.

Suggestion accepted is hypnotism, break out from the trance of believing good people and get your mind clear.

By yourself.



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