Thursday, 24 March 2011


As life goes on we are all digging a hole looking for treasure. The treasure is freedom from suffering, freedom from everything, everlasting contentment, joy of life and unconditional love.

The question is, are you sure you are digging your own hole or is it possible that you got distracted by someone else's findings? It's great to see that others are finding treasures and sharing wisdom on where and how they found it, but what really counts is your own findings.

You can clap hands and shout woo hoo when you see the success of your friends, but what about your success, have you found your freedom?

I did.

I can talk about it, enjoy writing about it, sing songs and dance, but has my freedom got anything to do with yours? You are on your own in your own treasure hunt. Don't get distracted, keep digging until you see for yourself, by yourself. Keep digging until the truth is revealed to you, don't stop at the road signs, it's not the destination.

Imagine you drive on the highway and watch out for the directions. You see a sign and rather than passing by keeping the eye on destination you stop at the sign and start analysing it. What is it made of, how is it build, how other people perceive it, what does it mean etc. Immediately you get stuck, look, it's just a sign post, keep moving. Don't get confused by the shiny wisdom, as long as it does not come from your own realisation, it just another concept.

I see that humans like to help each other before they help themselves. Before they find their own freedom they are just as lost as you.

Help yourself first. Then you can guide others to their own freedom.

keep moving.



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