Monday 27 July 2020

What is your heart’s deepest longing?

Very often the heart wants peace. There's also wanting freedom, wanting to expand, to love deeper, to be open, to be recognized, to heal. It's good to know what the heart wants, so that we can give it to it. And that literally means giving it your own attention. Attention works like a key and the heart is like a lock.

So if you give your attention to the heart over and over again, during the day, multiple times, five seconds, five minutes, it doesn't matter. It's just remembering to put that attention into your heart and feeling what is actually there, like honestly here, nurturing the heart. 

This is the path to inner peace, to feeling more spaciousness, more stillness, more feeling at home, at ease, relaxed in your own being. When the heart gets what it wants, then it rests at peace here. It's like - nothing to do, nowhere to go, but be here, simply enjoying and allowing energy from the heart to flow freely, to feel that love, to love unconditionally. The heart wants is to love and to feel loved and give more love. 

That's your own sense of love. It's coming from within. The love is not outside and it's not something that you have to catch and bring it to your heart. It's something that is coming from inside and it resonates with other hearts and it can share that energy between them.

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Sunday 5 July 2020

YouTube Video Series: Finding Inner Peace

Sitting at home for a long time gave me a good opportunity to re-examine what is the most important and meaningful for me. 

I enjoy so much working with my clients assisting them with self-inquiry. It’s a great joy for me to witness and be part of the self-discovery process, where clarity gets revealed. It is great to be able to give real value and help my clients to relax in life, to find lasting peace and joy in everyday living. 

I just wish that more people could find peace in their own sense of being. How could I get the message across to more people? Here something new has taken up my focus and interest: I have created a YouTube video series called Finding Inner Peace in your own sense of being. 

Today I am releasing the first part. 

Using my experience of hundreds of hours of guiding to the sense of being I have set up a course of self-inquiry. I share questions and metaphors and give a different perspective to look at what is always here, but goes unnoticed. I invite you to take part in this experience. It’s like an experiment where you can answer given questions for yourself and see what you learn, what else you discover, what new insights come. You do not have to agree or disagree with my ideas, the important thing is that you find out what you really think and feel. 

In this course, I invite you to examine different aspects of your experience and that leads you into recognizing and connecting to what is true for you. 

The first video is about obstacles to inner peace, what they are, and how to turn them into allies. It is a big question — how to deal with fear, resistance, and distraction? I invite you to see them differently and use them as your stepping stones towards inner freedom. 

Second video looks at expectations, and how they obstruct seeing what is here with ideas of what this should be. It’s one of the biggest challenges on the path to peace, as we all have them. And they keep running “not enough” program until examined. 

In the third video, I invite you to take a fresh look at the mind, what you know about your own mind, how you think, how is imagination working in your own experience, what has language got to do with it. How to get the mind to end the struggle and fight what is?

The fourth video is about heart and feelings. How to find inner peace within and with all these feelings. I will invite you to explore and find out what is your heart’s biggest longing. Once it is known, you can satisfy it, by giving your attention to it. Then the constant sense of deep longing can self-release. Thereof more spaciousness and peace are felt in your own being. 

Then we will look at the body and what this body is in actual experience. I will invite you to reevaluate the assumed default perception and description of the body and rediscover what is going on in your experience. 

This is just for the starters. Subscribe to my channel if you like to be notified when the next video is released and let’s get into this self-inquiry together. :) Invite your friends. Write about what you would like to explore. I will post a new video on Sundays. 

I also want to say that I am new to video content creation and I have so much to learn. It is fun and quite a challenge. It takes many hours of work to get a video made as I am learning on the go. Hope that you will see the quality improvement with each video. 

Enjoy exploring. 

With love. 

Tuesday 2 June 2020

What Are You Looking For?

Do you often stop and evaluate, what is it that you are looking for precisely?

Seeking energy always wants something. Something else, than what is here. It needs to understand, to get, to achieve, to be heard, to be validated, etc. It’s a nonstop drive that is literally saying, what is here, what I have, what I am is not enough. And so we are on a carousel of trying to get something, to fix, to satisfy the thirst of seeking.

When you ask this question of yourself, what is the answer? What are you looking for in life?

The ultimate answer is peace. That’s like the last question after all the other questions have ceased. How to find inner peace in life? How to be at peace with yourself and others? How to be at rest, always? All the tensions and contractions want to release, naturally. But how to get there?

This peace, stillness, spaciousness, silence is always here underneath all turbulence. It takes noticing. It is here when you look AT it. Then looking for something else shifts to looking at this that is. The peace is found here, underneath all thinking and feeling- like a background in which all the waves of happenings are free to come and go. It's like diving deeply in the experience that is happening now and being aware of all the waves at the mind level and at the same time being aware of being aware. What is that knows of all the waves and peace?

Peace does not come and go. It’s here now, even this moment. What are you focusing on, what is attention landing on? Is it peace or tension? To get to peace, first, we need to meet that tension that is asking for our attention. Being aware of contracted energy, meeting it with respect and kindness, non-judgment, allowing, welcoming allows that contraction to self-release. And what is here when tension dissolves? Space. And peace is here when you are resting as that space. It is inside your own heart. There is also joy there, the joy of being, that’s is sweet and innocent. And that is available in every moment.

It takes a noticing and looking at what is presently here.

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