Monday 27 July 2020

What is your heart’s deepest longing?

Very often the heart wants peace. There's also wanting freedom, wanting to expand, to love deeper, to be open, to be recognized, to heal. It's good to know what the heart wants, so that we can give it to it. And that literally means giving it your own attention. Attention works like a key and the heart is like a lock.

So if you give your attention to the heart over and over again, during the day, multiple times, five seconds, five minutes, it doesn't matter. It's just remembering to put that attention into your heart and feeling what is actually there, like honestly here, nurturing the heart. 

This is the path to inner peace, to feeling more spaciousness, more stillness, more feeling at home, at ease, relaxed in your own being. When the heart gets what it wants, then it rests at peace here. It's like - nothing to do, nowhere to go, but be here, simply enjoying and allowing energy from the heart to flow freely, to feel that love, to love unconditionally. The heart wants is to love and to feel loved and give more love. 

That's your own sense of love. It's coming from within. The love is not outside and it's not something that you have to catch and bring it to your heart. It's something that is coming from inside and it resonates with other hearts and it can share that energy between them.

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