Monday 15 April 2013

Some Thoughts After Liberation Unleashed Meeting

It was another rainy Saturday in Worthing...

The meeting was great, there were 17 of us, sharing space, thoughts, questions.. There was some serious looking, meeting fear, relaxation, laughter, silence. There was "I get it" and "I don't get it" and all was being welcomed.

This was the third LU gathering in Worthing. We have a nice warm room upstairs with soft chairs and table in the middle. (Sorry forgot to take pictures, again). Meetings are 4 hours long including an hour break for tea and conversations in the kitchen. Few people new, few been here before, a lovely mix of curious minds. It's great to connect and make new friends. And thanks, Nina, for the cake!

One thing that stood out for me after the meeting that I want to share is how important is to answer your own questions. There are right questions and this is all I can ever do in helping someone along the way- direct and hold focus, so the seeker would answer those questions by himself.

There are millions answers to millions of questions, but the only way to get it, is by honest investigation into your own questions. It does not happen by adapting someone else's view, by saying that I understand and agree, in theory. Seeing happens when intention is right, readiness is ripe and fear is no longer an option. Yes, it's really simple, it's so simple that mind says- oh no, it can't be that simple and may refuse to take the pure simplicity for the answer.

There are many paths, some are straight forward, some twisted, and some paths are leading away from the gate. But once one arrives at the gate, once one is ready to look, the story about the path is no longer important. All knowing of how it should be and all expectations how it will happen got to be put on hold. Focusing mind on one question alone - is there a separate self, I, me? Yes or no?....

The answer to this question is the crossing of "gateless gate".

And even if you know the answer from books, discussions and other people's descriptions, unless you look for yourself, with full focused attention, it's not going to crash that gate.

Yes, it's all about right questions. But they are useless if you don't answer them for yourself, by yourself, just so that you know... Doing your own looking and thinking is something that no teacher can replace. And if someone has answers to your questions, it does not mean that you better believe them or that someone else's description is what you want. It's not worth anything if you didn't do your own maths. So if there is a question that demands an answer, don't go googling it, instead see what honest answer you can give it. And be completely honest about it.

There is a difference between theory and experience. When we stop seeking for theory and just look, that which is not even hidden becomes obvious.

The seeking is just a endless grasping for next best thing that will help to reach the goal of freedom. It's a ride where one is chasing a golden carrot of happy ever after. It does not need to carry on. Seeking ends when it becomes clear that there is no one doing this seeking, it's choiceless and it drives itself. It's not that you can say, enough, I'm done with seeking and never buy another book that would give you more theory on how to do it, or more sweet answers to question of who you are.

Mind is looking for solution to self created problem, looking for home while being always at home. It's a game of hide and seek and when the hidden is revealed it's got to recognise it, it's got to stop pretending that it does not recognise it and then it can start relaxing.

Relaxed mind is no longer looking into the past in order to create a different images of future with less suffering. Relaxed mind is open to accept what comes up and welcome it. There is freedom from stories as stories are no longer believed to be how it is. Relaxed mind is receptive and clear, it notices what is, rather then getting lost in thinking about what was or will be if this or that happens. But in order for the mind to relax, some core questions got to be answered. And no one else can do that for you. You are on your own.

Figure it out, it's not complicated, if it looks complicated, it's not it. 

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The next meeting will be held at the same place on 18th of May, 1:30-5:30, the details will be on events page.

Thank you all for coming and sharing and for your kind contributions...