Monday 17 August 2015

The Price of Freedom Is Bullshit

The sense of freedom feels as though there is an ease, unconstrained, free flowing movement. It can be anywhere between intense or soft, ecstatic or peaceful. Freedom is felt when resistance is not. It's a sense of non attachment. It's being able to genuinely feel and express what really wants to be expressed. And the price of freedom is all of our bullshit.
If I could, I would take an eraser and delete all bullshit from life, all the unnecessary, all the noise and rubbish so all that is left to see is the crystallized, incredible design. Pure is without an overlay of judgmental thinking.

This alive thing that is not a thing, Life, Intelligence, Self, Tao, Zen, Love or whatever you want to call it, is an adventure. This alive thing has an unmistakable gravitational pull into the deep, into the openness. It is asking for only one thing- release of limitations.

Limitations are mind created structures of belief that no longer serve. Some repeating thoughts appearing sticky make up a pattern that seem solid, but are quite simply; bullshit. Bullshit sticks to other bullshit creating elaborate castles of Bullshit. It looks pretty sturdy. Tried and tested. It's been here for years. Comfortable or not, it feels familiar, safe, known. I am talking about all that we believe we know. Everything that we consider being ok, but know is not- is an indication that something is covered by some layer of bullshit.

What kind of fun is life like that? It can be fun if one is stuck in drama and finds it entertaining. Truly though, living with lots of bullshit in the head is not desireable. No one likes to feel enslaved, to feel pain, suffering, intense negative emotions. And that's what bullshit generates; feelings that are undesirable. That's how we can know that some old stinky belief is in operation that contradicts with how things are. The belief/thought will be followed by a desire to fix or change the external situation. Good stuff, we have a built in bullshit radar that signals us and shows us what is not in alignment with a sense of rightness.

The good news?  One does not need bullshit. It's not a necessity like breathing air or eating. Bullshit is something we collect and gather along the way and carry as a possession; it’s ours and we own it. It weighs us down, puts the pressure on and generally stinks of negativity. We must take full responsibility for it. Taking special notice under such categories like "In my precious opinion", "This is how it is and how it should be", "This is how other should be", "I worry about what may happen if that happens"...

Even better news, bullshit is highly flammable. Like a fart to a flame. Just throw a little spark of fire and everything can go kaboom. There is a condition required however, and that is a willingness to ignite it. One must be ready and open to live a life without bullshit. Are you ready? Are you open?

Bullshit will not burn easily if one does not want to let it go. Bullshit will not ignite at all if one prefers to keep it.  That means lots of lighter fluid or in other words,...willingness. It may feel scary to drop the familiar ideas about what we are and what we are not, where we are heading, what we really want. Freedom to be what we are and express openly and fully our authenticity can feel overwhelming, so we cover ourselves in the safety of ideas about our limitations instead of shining. Burning bullshit away will reveal what was once mundane and orderly to shining and completely unpredictable. Does that scare you?  Burn that too!  

The fire is our rebellious and wild spirit that says no to taming; no to self created prison.

If bullshit is ready to burn, it will catch fire like firewood. The fire will spread through the whole castle and burn the beliefs away. Piece by piece, pattern by pattern the beliefs will rise up to be seen and scorched. So be it. Cheers and goodbye. Enjoy the fireworks.

I'd say that giving away all the bullshit is a fair price to pay. Losing that which does not serve any longer is not a loss. It's freedom. Total Freedom.
Here is an invitation to those who think they have burned their beliefs already. Rebel against the weight of your unowned bullshit, it may be hiding. Set yourself on fire just to see if there is more that wants to burn. Just in case there is more lightness, ease and flow to be discovered.
This is a call to explore what else can be freed.

May all beings find freedom and live the exciting adventure that life really is. Free of bullshit.

co written with Julie Rumbarger.