Friday 28 January 2011

The Message

It's all about the message.

What the message is depends on where you are and what is happening in your life right now.

We get messages all the time. This is how I see what is happening: Every one who needs a message gets whatever he needs. Not what was intended to say in the message, but what he is ready to hear. Like a piece of puzzle fits the hole.

We read the same books and we get different info. Same sentence means different to each of us.

And then one day we get it. I'm talking about seeing the moon for the first time. We get it. Cool. It would be even better to enjoy seeing it with other people. Join in, wake up, look, it's not complicated, it's simple. All you need to do is .......... ( fill in the gap)

And you may even point to others and say, look, this is how I saw it and this is how you can see it too. And discuss the best way to to point. You may even get attached to the message. Hm.. Been there done that.

Really, what do I know? I know absolutely nothing. What is the best way to wake people up? Just sounding the message is enough, cause it always lands where it is intended to. If you get an itch, you scratch it, if you don't, what itch?


But it works.
It's not up to me to wake the others, it is just what is happening right now- a huge waking up for the masses. And it's an Eco of one voice. Same message, different words. It is coming through and is being heard as the point of the message is getting it. Like an arrow it lands into the bulls eye.

You get it.

The message is: I am waking up and you are with me... It's happening.

Oh and here is another one: flow is. Direction is one. :) the moon.


Friday 21 January 2011

Hope V Doubt

There is a saying in Lithuania: hope is the mother of fools and she never abandons her children.

What does the word hope points to? Something that will happen in the future and will be in alignment to what I want. Expectation of fulfilment of desire for something that I don't have now. The carrot that drives a human into a bright future... Illusion that runs the world...

As well as a brilliant product to make lots and lots of sales. Everyone wants some of that and it seems impossible to live without hope.

It was one of hardest things for me to let go. But then I saw it: it's absolutely unecesary and pointless. Is there hope in nature or only in a human head? What do you think?

Who needs hope if not the the ego. As it's unhappy with the now, it wants something else all the time. How many times did I buy a book, a product hoping that this is it, it's got the answers I need in order to get happiness.

Thing is, it's not the hope you need but doubt! Who wants to buy doubt? Nobody. Well, its free anyway.

Ego likes to be in charge, know stuff. Doubt is something that is pointing to not knowing, to not being able to explain. Who wants that? Knowledge is so important in the world of sleepers.

Nobody likes their sense of reality challenged. It brings feelings of uncertainty up. That is not a safe place to be. Suddenly world that you knew slips away and you feel vulnerable, confused, naked...

And here I am selling doubt. It's not a popular product and most people would try to avoid and hide from it. Ignore it like it's something bad.

Doubt is necessary, it rises questions up. It allows to drop all you know and opens the possibility to awakening.

So drop the hope that everything will be fine and let the doubt in.

"Great Doubt, Great Awakening,
Little Doubt, Little Awakening,
No Doubt, No Awakening." (zen proverb)

Let go of hope, who needs it when all you know is wrong. All spiritual books are filled with hope, they make you seek that which can not be attained rather than rise doubt. Only doubt has power to set you on the path of thinking for yourself. It's dark, unfamiliar but true. And in the end you'll drop the hope and see that it's useless. Do not believe me, doubt what you read, think for yourself.

What is it that you are certain of? What do you know for sure? What is it that you are hoped up about? Awakening?

Doubt all you know until there is no one to know.



Saturday 15 January 2011

Blues of busting loose....

Last couple of months I enjoyed the company of busters on Robert Scheinfeld Facebook page. It was great ride and now the page is getting closed as it is not a pure phase 2 player environment anymore. I just say it has busted loose. You can see the same characters as on Who owns the Truth post.
Love to all :)

BL- busting loose
E/S- expanded self

Part 1.

How do I "bust loose" more than I have?? I know about the process and the miniprocess, things are ok, but in order for them to be a-ma-zing - what more am I to do? You probably say nothing? But I read in BL; that after you have busted loose i.e become free you can do anything. So what more?

I realize this is very similar to channeling actually! "You are creators"

There is nothing more for you to do but to awake more into the truth that every thing you thought was real is just a wonderful story. When you get to the point that you really feel that truth all you have to do is notice the experiences that prove it to you and it starts to snow ball from there. Keep in mind you can not speed anything up it will all happen when its meant to happen for you. I found for myself that it can be very subtle at first because it is just so smooth and flowing. It really helped me to just stop pushing and just relax into knowing I am being taking care of by something much larger than my play persona in the story.

did you read BL from the money game, word by word? "yes you can create this and this if you please"?

Yes I did of course. The you that creates is the fully awake you not the player aspect you. It can be a bit confusing because there really is no separation it only appears that there is. So yes you create anything you really want but the aspect of you in the hologame does not create by doing anything. In the model your E/S creates using the field but really no one knows how things are created it is beyond our limited understanding we have here while we play.

I think a better word would be to relax with it more.

yes well in the end it will sound like there is no busting loose, it was just a trick, all this method and numbers, yet that is what his book was about.

In the end it will be what ever you really want it to be.

Robert once said this and I feel its the truth " Nothing can happen in your experience if your E/S did not write a script for that first and then energize it and pop you into the middle of the story... That is why you can't make a mistake what ever happens in your hologram is exactly what your E/S wanted to have happen... down to the smallest detail."

why do peoples souls want different things btw?? they dont want the same stuff,, does it have to do with the souls plan? past lives?

Anyway.. let me see what positive changes are coming, things have to move again.. I heard one person here read the BL book, wow.. not many.

You are sooo confused....

You are a sad girl..> glad I can pick my friends.

Well its not really Roberts fault who comes to this page and how they communicate, just have to remember people are people and some think they are there, when they clearly are not. I just read a text about that yesterday.

Oh my lovely spiritual friend just came online, from CA! Just the great advice, how to avoid negative chats.

The model gives directions but doesn't hold the answer and holding on to what it will be like ( which seems to be the good stuff ) is grasping at straws. No answer can come from theory.

I realize that. Either there is the ES + energy field or Rob did not create a real model.

There are no "different souls", there are no souls. there is just the avatar in the experience, The thimble on the Monopoly board.

But picking up from what Tim said, there is the famous quote of Bobby Knight to Connie Chung

"If rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it."

Tim said, something is beyond our understanding. How can it be if you are free?? and one with all=

If Rob once came here, Id like to tell him I feel very few understand the BL "energy field".. maybe on his new site.

What do you mean a `real`model - are you wanting a `how to`model?
There is an energy field but that is just part of it, but how about you trying to find it for yourself, which means it will come from your own inner experience, rather than someone else's.

It's not about understanding, but sincere investigation, challenge, honesty and readiness to leave every belief that you have.
Thinking is not for children. One has to grow up and stop living in a fantasy world.
Sad but true....

Johanna, forget about the "energy field" and forget about creating things for now, this work is more about discovering the TRUTH of what's really going on first and everything else will fall into place easily and with no effort. If what your really interested in is being proactive in creating while you play here then I would recommend you just keep working with the LOA.

Tim, I recommended that to Johanna on couple of occasions:)

Jane, yes Robs book is a model on HOW to, I dont understand how you guys read BL??? There is Self and energy field, which is all around actually, and a figure you create! Page after page he says this!

What you think is important, not what book said. Many books say different things. Does that mean that they all true?

Johanna, you will never create anything, nothing, zip, nada, no way no how. The book plainly tells you this. The book says the you outside of the hologram creates, you have no power at all to create in the hologram. You are confusing the two yous which can be confusing I know. The you playing here does NOT create, at least not in the way your thinking of it.

If the book is a model on HOW to, then why do you bother coming here and asking questions?

You cannot bust loose "more". Either you bust loose or you don't. As long you are looking for more - like I said before, as long as you are not FULFILLED - you are not "busted loose".

My God I have understood it a LONG ago that "I" dont create, you dont seem to understand I am one with my higher self! So if I Say "I" its not the lower persona, but the soul"""

Your soul needs some $$$ ???

Maybe you could read BL and then discuss with me?? The book IS about creating unlimited money AND being free, not one or the other.

I could give a link to an audio that would explain this perfectly, but it is pretty clear that it would be completely lost on you.

And you read the book, and not free, and not have unlimited money. So what to discuss with you???

I am sorry I am so helpless, but what can you do with these philosophies.

Right on Kevin. Lol

And I am free and have money. Isn't that strange??:) And what I did different?

?? I am free for Gods sakes. Maybe I need to chat with ROB! I am talking about the technique, of the soul and the energy field. If you all are so wise, once again; HAVE YOU CREATED UNLIMITED MONEY LIKE IN HIS BOOK

Hey, to chat with Rob you will have to have money.

I never said I dont have money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said how does THIS technique work. > well I guess it is just "focusing"

Focusing on what?

Rob charges $1000 an hour.
But I don't think that it would help you.



Who is to focus?

You can focus to the point you have blue face, how would the $$ appears??
I don't focus, and money is here.

Maybe thats the secret?

"where does money come from? it is a figure in the field, that has its own details."(p 85) "you can create anything you like when you BL" "all money comes from you and a figure in the ZP field". "therefore your money is unlimited".p 90 "it is easy to create any sums of money from any source, just by creating a suitable figure in the zp field", giving it power and manifesting it." I think that word "ilmentää" is always translated as "manifesting".(sorry Kevin)

Johanna, who is to focus?


my God!

Focus on my God, maybe it will work


The original HTS was a video recording of a live event that took place Halloween 2005 just a couple of months after Hurricane Katrina (the first event was held on Father's Day weekend the same year, and one of the participants was from New Orleans and was wiped out by Katrina)

In attendance in October was a very reticent fellow from Virginia who was a jet salesman. As Robert was discussing what at the time he referred to as "The Stretching Tool", he gave a nod to Gary(?) and he said that even at that stage of having busted loose, he would not be comfortable writing a check for $50 million to express appreciation for a jet WITH the caveat that he had no motivation to express appreciation for a jet.

Not your God Elena, Robs is richer haha

Robs God Rocks!

Kevin, ok, but I still quoted the exact point..

There is something that might help you. Insider stuff... Maybe you will see what we all are pointing here to you, but you just refuse to accept.

real or unreal, I quoted the book like it is.

So basically, book lied to you.

"where does money come from? it is a figure in the field, that has its own details."(p 85) "you can create anything you like when you BL" "all money comes from you and a figure in the ZP field". "therefore your money is unlimited".p 90 "it is easy to create any sums of money from any source, just by creating a suitable figure in the zp field", giving it power and manifesting it." I think that word "ilmentää" is always translated as "manifesting".(sorry Kevin)

Have you busted loose?

I just asked, how exactly do you do it more? I realize perfectly we are spiritual higher D beings having a human 3d experience, actually I am not so much in 3d anymore...

There is no more or less, but either yes or no. You can not understand. There is no you to understand. That is what is going on here. Once you see that, then you bust loose.
We can not explain to you, enquire into it yourself. Like we all did.
You have to start seeing that you are stuck.

I do know the lower self is different or that is is a play.. must I repeat this.. so did you all create the unlimited money, huh?

"You all who understood the book"

There is no lower self.

bla bla. Did you create unlimited money, who ever you are, a ghost maybe?

This is great.

Blah blah.
The blah blah part you should really pay attention. See you can't hear the truth...

Did you create unlimited money? "You" or the "ES part of you" or whoever. answer please.

No you. There is only es part, or in simple language- life.
Life is going on by itself, but in your head there is an idea, that you are separate from life and need to manipulate it to be happy.

No you, only life.

Did you create unlimited money like in Busting loose from the money game?

I would say irrelevant.
There is no one to care about money any more. It's in the opposite direction to where you are looking.

So the first half of Robs book does not work, I see.

Seriously. Forget the book.

Look at what I am saying.

The idea that there is self that does things, thinks, is a misconception. In truth there is no separate self. Life, e/s is all there is.
Who is doing breathing? You? Or does body breath by itself?
Same with everything. Look!

So you did not create unlimited money.. I see. You, or life, no matter what you say.

It's not how you imagine it. Whatever you think that it should be, it isn't.

Johanna, If you feel you are one with your larger self go ahead and focus on creating using the field but I'm afraid that you will be disappointed. In the model nothing the part of you here in the hologram does has any power everything here must be created outside of the hologram and if you don't like that then I really think you should forget the book and the model and move on to something else. I mean that in a very nice way.

Abundance just is. You can not have abundance, but only experience.
Direct experience.
No higher self, no soul, but experience.

Johanna, I created an unlimited money. I never feel the limit when I am inspired to do something, for that something money is there. Abundance is not unlimited money.


Hey Elena, that has a nice beat and I can dance to it

yey Hali Hali.
Yey yey yey u lia lia.

Johanna is an example how people are confused by models. Even if there are pointers to truth in books, the only true pointers are those who say to look for yourself.
The rest is only leading to confusion.

Perfect example to finish bl fb page. :)

Part 2

Hi Robert,

I used to be one of your followers and I was really into your work. It became my process. I was drilling when I was feeling pain and repeating Truth that I am the power of universe.

And then you recommended Jed McKenna. I though, yeah, right, another one guru has much to say. When I read his first book I was blown away by honesty, sharpness, truth fullness and it indeed changed my life. It was my first step and I busted loose from busting loose. That was back at Easter time. Grateful for that.

After reading the rest of jed and some serious burning of beliefs, all that is untrue, I finally busted loose for real. I awoke, I saw no self and life has changed forever.

Then a blog started up and I went back to your fb page. this time not to share my drilling experiences but help those who were ready to bust loose. There are a few more awake characters since my appearance there.

I look back at your work now and I see a perfect business plan, but not much to do with truth. Yes, you tell people what is truth and who they are, but that is not gonna lead them to freedom or in your words, busting loose. It's just gonna keep them hooked on your special and privileged knowledge for chosen ones who send you tons of money and are happy to. You give them a secure illusion and they give you yours.

Whatever your journey is and whatever games you play, this game does not seem honest. That's why I'm writing to you this time. I see that you are not awake and misleading others. Otherwise this wouldn't be happening. Now people who read you books are parroting your words and are running in circles for years! They have been misled by you into more blindness. They have been hurt by your lies that keep them in a box, which they imagine that does not exist.

If you read jed McKenna yourself, you must recognise how pointless your model is and how there is only one true teaching- think for yourself. Rather than adding in to illusion and reinforcing sleep, the only way to busting loose is by subtracting all that is belief and waking up from lies. First step is stopping following anyone else and starting to think.

I want to ask you, do you see that you are hurting people for money? Do you see that you are dishonest?

If your followers are singing in unison how much they appreciate you and the illusion that you put in their heads, that does not mean that you are doing any good, only that you have hypnotised them into this, gave them a carrot and milk them for your selfish benefit. nice.

please answer what you say about this. No answer is also an answer.

This is also going on my blog. It has been fun time on your Facebook page, thank you for creating that space. Nice.

Happy holidays.
Sending love,


Here is Robert's reply:

Hi Ilona ...

Thanks for writing.

I have only a brief response for you. You have painted a very vivid picture of me and my work in your mind.

It makes sense to you. You resonate with it. It seems accurate to you.

I have no interest or desire to change your mind, "defend myself," or have a point by point debate with you to point out where my perspective would say you are inaccurate -- about me as a person, my body of work, and its contents.

I honor your perspective and your "right" to have it within the storyline.

Your path is taking you in a different direction than mine. I wish for you an ever expanding experience of your natural state of Infinite Power, Wisdom, Abundance and True Joy as you travel that path -- and/or any other paths you may leap onto down the road.

Happy Holidays!

- Robert


Hi Robert.

Thanks for answer. It looks like it fits every question that you may get asked about you and your work. True master of illusion. Nice.

Only you haven't answered my question:

" I want to ask you, do you see that you are hurting people for money? Do you see that you are dishonest?"

Please don't try to talk your way out of this answer saying that i'm imagining you. I'm immune to your hypnosis, since there is no me. I'm free of lie of self and the best I can do is to hold the sign, which is: there is no knowledge required to get out of illusion, only thinking for yourself and being honest.

The situation with telling Elena not to share the knowledge on fb with those who haven't paid you for it is quite ridiculous, don't you think? It makes you look like a sad bussinesman operating from limitation and trying to teach about limitless. Ha ha ha.

I know what you are going to tell me (probably just copy and paste), so don't bother, but look deeply into the possibility that all "your body of work" is only a useless guidance into more illusion rather than out. I see that only a blind can lead people into blindness. Time to clear your vision too.



 Part 3.

Do your thinking.

Part 4.

There is a model, there is no you.
All that you are trying to do is get distracted from looking. It only takes a few minutes of focused looking. It takes years to follow a model. What else is there to know???

Do more thinking. For yourself.

Tuesday 11 January 2011


Thoughts are like painter's brushes, one can use them to paint images of reality in imagination. Fictional worlds are many, characters are real, vivid and it's easy to get lost in the mind.

You can close your eyes and imagine yourself somewhere else than where you are. As well as the past and future. Memories are also in imagination, same like fear, worries about what's to come. Depending on the mood your world can be painted in different colours...

Most people live in their heads. Sounds familiar? Look into your thoughts through the day, what is it that they contain most? Past, future, Jesus?

Thoughts either reflect what is or create what isn't. But they are never gonna touch that which is beyond mind. They can only describe what is within the limits of language.

The power of thought is real but only in the imaginary realm. In reality, thought has no power. It can not manipulate what is. The power is behind the thought in feeling, intention. Thought translates unseen into seen. Like electric current, it connects two worlds: real and imaginary, feeling and words describing the feeling.

"Self" is in imagination. You think, you create, you have power and that is all just in imagination. You is as real as fictional characters, no more.

In reality there are no separate selfs. All is happening without "you" doing anything. Just watch nature, see how alive everything is and how your body is not separate from it. The separation is in imagination.

Thoughts are happening, they come and go. If one thought persists, it becomes a starting point of beliefs that sprout from it. So here comes the thought "myself" and beliefs start circling, clinging, attachments form, imagination runs wild and here you go- you don't even have a clue, that all you believe is true just in imagination. You take all that for granted and never question if what you know is true.

One word: Jesus.
Imaginary Jesus lives in a head builds walls around with religious beliefs. Don't touch Jesus. This is one thing that religious human will defend with zealous force and will not let anyone challenge that. Well, Jesus is not here, so he can not clarify what happened, really. So all beliefs about Jesus are just that- beliefs. This is a grand challenge to open religious humans eyes, cause they are not going to let you. It's unthinkable in their view of reality. Imaginary reality.

Everybody lives in separate imaginary worlds. That's how the planet got messed up. People don't see what is, but only what they believe that is. As many people- as many realities. Unless you wake up, you live in a fantasy world, missing the point completely.

To end the separation one must be willing to surrender and let go of imaginary world. Only then one can see through the veil of illusion. Let go of unreal. Start by doubting. All you believe is not true. Test it.

Imagination is a tool. Once you wake up you can use it without being trapped by it. No more imaginary self, no more confusion.

So today I invite you to look at the content of your mind and notice, that the world in the mind is a fantasy. What you believe is true- it's true only in your own imagination. Reality is nothing like what you think. Challenge that!

Thinking is not for children. One needs to grow up to start thinking for himself. This is not a joke.

If somebody challenges your way of thinking, the red alert kicks in and all you do is get personal, angry, frustrated, that is a clear sign that you are protecting beliefs, protecting the sense of self and rather than get critical about the "attacker" look closely at what are you holding on, this is the exit, that is the door. The less beliefs are in the system, the smoother the ride, less bumps on the road.

So what is the next imaginary thing that you are not ready to let go? If you start from "self", you will hit the bull's eye. This is the real deal. Find what is real. Challenge everything.


Friday 7 January 2011


Sometimes I hear that liberation, waking up is death of "I".

It isn't.

That which is not real, can not die. Self is not real, it's in imagination, together with Batman, Robin, Spongebob and the rest. Can an imaginary entity ever die?

Look at what self points to- thoughts about self, images about character, body and that is only in imagination. What your thoughts are about yourself are very different from my thoughts about you. And it's all just in a head. Different head, different images.

So don't be afraid to investigate "no self", you are not going to die. Just follow the lead of inner teacher, that which is real will be revealed. It's nothing that you can do to stop it either, so just go with the flow. :)

I heard people asking as well- but how do you walk?, lol, just as always. There is no need for you to do walking. Look at animals: they walk, they run, they chase each other, no problem.

Death is not something to be afraid of on the path to waking up, staying stuck forever in the suffering is. You know, life is suffering. It does not have to be any more. Just life, pain comes and goes, it's unavoidable, but you stop owning it! That is a relief. No more "my" pain, "my" misery, that "poor me" which has to share pain with others to feel less intense. No more trying to manipulate what is, no more fear of death.

The void? That is a black hole inside that unawake are trying to hide from others, covering with whatever bullshit they can. It is still there, but it's better to pretend that it isn't rather than look inside. Look at your hole now, is it there? Be honest! That painfull spot?

So once you look, it grabs hold, intensity builds up and with focused looking and pure intent ... Puff- you are out!
Only there is no "you" anymore. The word "you" becomes empty and points to nothing.

This is not death. It's liberation. Like if you wearing tight shoes for a whole day and in the evening you take them of and ... Oh boy... the feet are free... Sooo good. It still stings for a while, but after a bit of time the tight feeling is gone and you don't miss it.

Self is not a part of happy life. It's the divider. Why keep it? Let it fall off. Liberate your thoughts from separation. Much easier ride.

Why would "I" want to die?
It's not "I's" choice, can you see?

The body will die sooner or later. For sure. No escape here. Because it is real!

Look, it's not magical nor complicated. Test it.


Tuesday 4 January 2011

The Judge

Watch this video if you haven't seen it yet.


There is a line which divides good from bad. There is a judge that decides to which side what belongs. It is trying to fix, change something in himself and others. Especially others. There is misery, there is wanting more, not having enough, seeking, trying to be something, desire for something else.

This is how it works:
Idea appears in thinking and the judge starts evaluation. It decides if this fits to what judge would approve or not. If it's good, it's cool, but if it's bad, then the resistance starts building. The judge keeps working on the case building it up, adding in more drama and eventually explosion happens. The bad seems even worse and there is huge amount of energy around it.

Now when it's good it's cool, but it's not enough. Need more, more more...

This judge in a head makes a line and decides stuff AFTER the brain has made the decision! What a parasite! The decision is made and it would be nice to be at peace with it, be in the flow, but judge wants to be in control! He must have his last word. And yes, he/she is always right!!!
What a crazy thing is going on!..

Imagine life without a judge! Life free from nagging, free from the voice in a head that has to resist what is and endlessly divide. Free from need to be always win, be right, know, impress, seek affirmation.

This is easy, you just need to find that judge and fire him, tell him/her to go and never come back!

Oh, wait! It's not real! There is no judge, it's only a thought pattern that there is you doing thinking, making choices.

Will you get rid of the lie by installing new affirmations trying to change thought patterns? No.

Only clear seeing that there is no separate self, there is no you that is in charge of your life can destroy this judge for good.

So life is going on, everything is happening, brain is receiving input, reacting to stimulus, running the body, and making choices! What does yourself has to do with it? It's like a useless moaner in a head. Isn't that great news....

it's great cause you can live without it! The system will function just as well if there was no judge and there is no more responsibility! Just letting brain take care of business! There is no one to care what happens, total trust to the brain. Brain knows what to do, it has always made choices for you. They all were perfect. Only the judge did not think so.

Time to release the judge.

There is no line, there never was.
Clean up the thinking. You are not the judge.
There is no You,

It's just a feedback loop. Going on by itself. Only because it hasn't been judged yet! Judge that judge.

...When judge is dead
All that is left
is clear judgement.
When this tool is needed.
No more annoying voices,
No more choices,
Life is running itself
Enjoying pure being.