Friday, 21 January 2011

Hope V Doubt

There is a saying in Lithuania: hope is the mother of fools and she never abandons her children.

What does the word hope points to? Something that will happen in the future and will be in alignment to what I want. Expectation of fulfilment of desire for something that I don't have now. The carrot that drives a human into a bright future... Illusion that runs the world...

As well as a brilliant product to make lots and lots of sales. Everyone wants some of that and it seems impossible to live without hope.

It was one of hardest things for me to let go. But then I saw it: it's absolutely unecesary and pointless. Is there hope in nature or only in a human head? What do you think?

Who needs hope if not the the ego. As it's unhappy with the now, it wants something else all the time. How many times did I buy a book, a product hoping that this is it, it's got the answers I need in order to get happiness.

Thing is, it's not the hope you need but doubt! Who wants to buy doubt? Nobody. Well, its free anyway.

Ego likes to be in charge, know stuff. Doubt is something that is pointing to not knowing, to not being able to explain. Who wants that? Knowledge is so important in the world of sleepers.

Nobody likes their sense of reality challenged. It brings feelings of uncertainty up. That is not a safe place to be. Suddenly world that you knew slips away and you feel vulnerable, confused, naked...

And here I am selling doubt. It's not a popular product and most people would try to avoid and hide from it. Ignore it like it's something bad.

Doubt is necessary, it rises questions up. It allows to drop all you know and opens the possibility to awakening.

So drop the hope that everything will be fine and let the doubt in.

"Great Doubt, Great Awakening,
Little Doubt, Little Awakening,
No Doubt, No Awakening." (zen proverb)

Let go of hope, who needs it when all you know is wrong. All spiritual books are filled with hope, they make you seek that which can not be attained rather than rise doubt. Only doubt has power to set you on the path of thinking for yourself. It's dark, unfamiliar but true. And in the end you'll drop the hope and see that it's useless. Do not believe me, doubt what you read, think for yourself.

What is it that you are certain of? What do you know for sure? What is it that you are hoped up about? Awakening?

Doubt all you know until there is no one to know.



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  1. Hi Ilona,

    This used to be so me. Hope I get this cause I know it will make me happy, always something outside of me. Like you it was the next book, tape seminar etc, but never finding what I thought I was looking for. It is still hard for me to just let go and not have certain expectations, certain outcomes etc. But that I now realize is ego tricks, tricks I now recognize to get me out of the now never content with what is. Slowly melting away just like hope and letting in life, the flow.
    Great article!!