Friday, 28 January 2011

The Message

It's all about the message.

What the message is depends on where you are and what is happening in your life right now.

We get messages all the time. This is how I see what is happening: Every one who needs a message gets whatever he needs. Not what was intended to say in the message, but what he is ready to hear. Like a piece of puzzle fits the hole.

We read the same books and we get different info. Same sentence means different to each of us.

And then one day we get it. I'm talking about seeing the moon for the first time. We get it. Cool. It would be even better to enjoy seeing it with other people. Join in, wake up, look, it's not complicated, it's simple. All you need to do is .......... ( fill in the gap)

And you may even point to others and say, look, this is how I saw it and this is how you can see it too. And discuss the best way to to point. You may even get attached to the message. Hm.. Been there done that.

Really, what do I know? I know absolutely nothing. What is the best way to wake people up? Just sounding the message is enough, cause it always lands where it is intended to. If you get an itch, you scratch it, if you don't, what itch?


But it works.
It's not up to me to wake the others, it is just what is happening right now- a huge waking up for the masses. And it's an Eco of one voice. Same message, different words. It is coming through and is being heard as the point of the message is getting it. Like an arrow it lands into the bulls eye.

You get it.

The message is: I am waking up and you are with me... It's happening.

Oh and here is another one: flow is. Direction is one. :) the moon.


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