Friday, 7 January 2011


Sometimes I hear that liberation, waking up is death of "I".

It isn't.

That which is not real, can not die. Self is not real, it's in imagination, together with Batman, Robin, Spongebob and the rest. Can an imaginary entity ever die?

Look at what self points to- thoughts about self, images about character, body and that is only in imagination. What your thoughts are about yourself are very different from my thoughts about you. And it's all just in a head. Different head, different images.

So don't be afraid to investigate "no self", you are not going to die. Just follow the lead of inner teacher, that which is real will be revealed. It's nothing that you can do to stop it either, so just go with the flow. :)

I heard people asking as well- but how do you walk?, lol, just as always. There is no need for you to do walking. Look at animals: they walk, they run, they chase each other, no problem.

Death is not something to be afraid of on the path to waking up, staying stuck forever in the suffering is. You know, life is suffering. It does not have to be any more. Just life, pain comes and goes, it's unavoidable, but you stop owning it! That is a relief. No more "my" pain, "my" misery, that "poor me" which has to share pain with others to feel less intense. No more trying to manipulate what is, no more fear of death.

The void? That is a black hole inside that unawake are trying to hide from others, covering with whatever bullshit they can. It is still there, but it's better to pretend that it isn't rather than look inside. Look at your hole now, is it there? Be honest! That painfull spot?

So once you look, it grabs hold, intensity builds up and with focused looking and pure intent ... Puff- you are out!
Only there is no "you" anymore. The word "you" becomes empty and points to nothing.

This is not death. It's liberation. Like if you wearing tight shoes for a whole day and in the evening you take them of and ... Oh boy... the feet are free... Sooo good. It still stings for a while, but after a bit of time the tight feeling is gone and you don't miss it.

Self is not a part of happy life. It's the divider. Why keep it? Let it fall off. Liberate your thoughts from separation. Much easier ride.

Why would "I" want to die?
It's not "I's" choice, can you see?

The body will die sooner or later. For sure. No escape here. Because it is real!

Look, it's not magical nor complicated. Test it.


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