Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Judge

Watch this video if you haven't seen it yet.


There is a line which divides good from bad. There is a judge that decides to which side what belongs. It is trying to fix, change something in himself and others. Especially others. There is misery, there is wanting more, not having enough, seeking, trying to be something, desire for something else.

This is how it works:
Idea appears in thinking and the judge starts evaluation. It decides if this fits to what judge would approve or not. If it's good, it's cool, but if it's bad, then the resistance starts building. The judge keeps working on the case building it up, adding in more drama and eventually explosion happens. The bad seems even worse and there is huge amount of energy around it.

Now when it's good it's cool, but it's not enough. Need more, more more...

This judge in a head makes a line and decides stuff AFTER the brain has made the decision! What a parasite! The decision is made and it would be nice to be at peace with it, be in the flow, but judge wants to be in control! He must have his last word. And yes, he/she is always right!!!
What a crazy thing is going on!..

Imagine life without a judge! Life free from nagging, free from the voice in a head that has to resist what is and endlessly divide. Free from need to be always win, be right, know, impress, seek affirmation.

This is easy, you just need to find that judge and fire him, tell him/her to go and never come back!

Oh, wait! It's not real! There is no judge, it's only a thought pattern that there is you doing thinking, making choices.

Will you get rid of the lie by installing new affirmations trying to change thought patterns? No.

Only clear seeing that there is no separate self, there is no you that is in charge of your life can destroy this judge for good.

So life is going on, everything is happening, brain is receiving input, reacting to stimulus, running the body, and making choices! What does yourself has to do with it? It's like a useless moaner in a head. Isn't that great news....

it's great cause you can live without it! The system will function just as well if there was no judge and there is no more responsibility! Just letting brain take care of business! There is no one to care what happens, total trust to the brain. Brain knows what to do, it has always made choices for you. They all were perfect. Only the judge did not think so.

Time to release the judge.

There is no line, there never was.
Clean up the thinking. You are not the judge.
There is no You,

It's just a feedback loop. Going on by itself. Only because it hasn't been judged yet! Judge that judge.

...When judge is dead
All that is left
is clear judgement.
When this tool is needed.
No more annoying voices,
No more choices,
Life is running itself
Enjoying pure being.


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