Tuesday 2 June 2020

What Are You Looking For?

Do you often stop and evaluate, what is it that you are looking for precisely?

Seeking energy always wants something. Something else, than what is here. It needs to understand, to get, to achieve, to be heard, to be validated, etc. It’s a nonstop drive that is literally saying, what is here, what I have, what I am is not enough. And so we are on a carousel of trying to get something, to fix, to satisfy the thirst of seeking.

When you ask this question of yourself, what is the answer? What are you looking for in life?

The ultimate answer is peace. That’s like the last question after all the other questions have ceased. How to find inner peace in life? How to be at peace with yourself and others? How to be at rest, always? All the tensions and contractions want to release, naturally. But how to get there?

This peace, stillness, spaciousness, silence is always here underneath all turbulence. It takes noticing. It is here when you look AT it. Then looking for something else shifts to looking at this that is. The peace is found here, underneath all thinking and feeling- like a background in which all the waves of happenings are free to come and go. It's like diving deeply in the experience that is happening now and being aware of all the waves at the mind level and at the same time being aware of being aware. What is that knows of all the waves and peace?

Peace does not come and go. It’s here now, even this moment. What are you focusing on, what is attention landing on? Is it peace or tension? To get to peace, first, we need to meet that tension that is asking for our attention. Being aware of contracted energy, meeting it with respect and kindness, non-judgment, allowing, welcoming allows that contraction to self-release. And what is here when tension dissolves? Space. And peace is here when you are resting as that space. It is inside your own heart. There is also joy there, the joy of being, that’s is sweet and innocent. And that is available in every moment.

It takes a noticing and looking at what is presently here.

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