Sunday, 8 May 2011

A Joke

This is my favourite joke that I have told many people and now I want to share it with you ;)


A man dies and goes to hell.
A devil meets him at the gate and tells him to look around and find a place where he will stay for eternity.
So the guy looks around and notices people in pain, suffering, flames, screams, tears everywhere. He can't find a place for himself so keeps walking, looking, searching. He looks down and sees a bit of sand...
"Sand, in hell? Weird" he thinks, lifts his eyes up and sees an oasis in the distance.
He goes closer and sees people, sitting in the sun around tables, eating, drinking and having fun! He comes up to them and asks:
"Hello people, can I sit with you for a while, just got here and looking for a place to stay"
Everyone welcomes him, offering drink and food, the man sits in the sun, relaxes and asks again:
"I'm a bit confused, is this hell?"
"Of course it's hell, we are all dead and yes, you are in hell!"
"But how about over there, where all this suffering taking place?
"It's hell there too, only there is one difference. There is for those who BELIEVE"


I don't believe...
Do you?


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