Saturday, 20 November 2010

It's Obvious

It's obvious.

The truth is not hidden. It's obvious.  It's right here, in front of your eyes. There is no separate self that is running your life. It's all just life unfolding, beautiful creation, alive and ever present Life.

What is taking you so long to see it? Why are you resisting the idea that life is all there is? Why are you defending your "self"? Why do you think that the bubble of illusion that you have created for yourself is all there is? What is stopping you from questioning reality? What is holding you back? -It's fear.

I know one thing for sure, truth will set you free. No songs, no books, no videos about how beautiful your ego is gonna set you free.  A simple recognition of truth is most powerful force that will free you from limitations and suffering.

How to look?
First, set the intention to look. You can only see if you look. And once you call for truth to come forward and free you from illusion of you, it will happen. Just be in the moment and go with the flow.

Look at nature: all is in constant movement, all is alive, breathing, growing, evolving. Now see yourself as a child of nature.  Why are you different? Is it because you are wearing clothes, making money for living, thinking?

You are not different and you are not separate being outside of all there is. You are here, alive, breathing, moving...

Nature is a force that drives everything in life.  Life force animates animals, plants, sun and planets, human is not an exception. All is one.

How come humans feel separate, above the rest, outside of nature? What happened to humans? Why they are so lost, why are they so destructive, full of pain? Why do they live on a planet, look around and see nothing?

It's in the mind. We assume that it is us that drive the mind and the body. But thinking is not something we can control. Thoughts come and go, there is no way we can stop thinking. It's like a river, flowing. So if we are not in charge of thinking, why do we think that we are in charge of moving? Is it because everyone you know keeps the same belief? Yes. Is because everyone you know believes that there is our very special separate self that runs our life. Yes, it's because it's easier to accept somebody else's beliefs than think for yourself.

We have mind. But mind has us in prison. We have to reclaim our mind so we can use it as a tool, for thinking. The mind that runs on belief only creates tension and conflict. Free of self mind is clear. Is it clarity that you seek?

Put your mind to work, question, seek answers; do not just accept any one belief. Do not read this and next minute forget it all. Prove me wrong! Challenge me.

Life just is. Look at the nature.  It's obvious.

When I look into the eyes of my cat, I see life looking back. He is a loving beautiful creation, and so full of life, so aware, so ready.

When I look into the eyes of a human, I see life too, only there is not so much wakefulness there, I see them lost in thought, always thinking, judging, measuring, comparing, competing, fighting what is.  Of course I see people in joy too, but it's not about that. :)

Imagine a day free of confusion in the mind. Everything is just flowing, mind is at peace, and war with what is is over. Peace, relaxation, joy, connectedness, oneness, flow.  It's real. It's here right now.  It's always been this way. Only you are not able to see it, because of lie that lives in your system. The lie that you are a separate self that is running your life.

It's only life. It's always been just life. And that is not nothing, that is everything, all that is. The years are passing by; it's time to look with intention to see. Call for clarity. Call for truth. Life is waiting for you to make your last step. Just look.

It's obvious.

There is no separate self that runs your special separate life.

Test it. Until you know.

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