Friday, 3 December 2010


All talk is empty until you look.

You can talk about freedom, enlightenment, awareness, consciousness, god and all that is just talk. Blah blah blah.

Cause when you look, you see, that there is no one here. Just life, unfolding, flowing in a moment, divine manifesting. Then you see that there never was a separate self that was running your special separate life. It's just one life, one reality, one.

I went inside, I looked, I was scared, but then it clicked, it's true! There never was me! What a relief.

Then nothing changed and yet everything changed inside.  It's the biggest shift that I experienced so far. The shift that cleared my vision, thinking, feeling. It's unshakable truth. There is no self.

Some people ask, do I feel the absence of self. The answer is no. There is no feeling of absence of self, but there is a constant feeling of freedom, wholeness,  and I look at life in awe.

I know that there is no me and there is no you and all there is is life.

So from here I see:

There are characters, with their likes and dislikes, not just human characters, animals have personality too. So these humans are here on earth, not separate from environment.

Some of them humans are looking for something. That something is the exit from suffering.  Only they don't see that they are free already. Because there are other humans who tell them how it should feel, how it should look, what the experience is gonna be like. They have formulas to share and "models that work". Everyone is trying to help each other.  This is nice. Working together.

But thinking about how it's gonna be like is a distraction from looking. Collecting knowledge on what is Enlightenment, following somebody else's model is as well just a distraction from looking.

Resting in awareness is not gonna help either as long as there is somebody there tired that needs to rest. It will help to relax, yes.

You can rest all you like, smile all you like and send love to others, but that is not gonna be much use if you want to wake up. Take the direct and sure way to end suffering for good by simply looking for yourself. No one can do this for you.  You have to stop nodding your head and accept what others are saying and start thinking for yourself by yourself. Even if you like what others are saying, look for the proof. Don't just be a parrot, cause there is a chance you will stay one.

There are so many teachers around that sound genuine, but they haven't looked themselves. What can they teach you? Some words to repeat. But all words are empty until you look.

Why not to look? Is it fear that your precious self is nothing but illusion? Fight that fear with courage, trust in life and look, there is no self. What is? - everything.

Life is here, now, look. Go into the nature, observe with curiosity, what moves animals, what makes trees grow, what orchestrates all this movement? Life, yes, it's the life force!
Look at the body your character is in, what moves the body? You? Really?
Look again then.

There is no you. And all that is happening does not need a manager.

We have a friend who died. Does anything change when somebody dies? Does life stop or carries on like nothing happened? It will carry on when you will die too, like nothing happened. The body will go to feed the worms, or fish (who knows), but it will not be the end. Your death is not gonna stop life happening.
You know why? Because there is no you! It's only an illusion in the thinking that makes it appear so.

Don't take this as a new belief, test it! There is nothing more powerful than looking for yourself. Don't be afraid to loose yourself to life.

And look again.
And again
Until you see!

There is no you.

Awareness is, consciousness is. Life alive is. No you.  Zero.  0

And once you see that you are not the character, then life takes over and merging begins. This is not gonna help with suffering, this will end suffering.

It takes time and passion to purify the experience. But it's not up to you anymore. You can rest forever. Nothing to do, no affirmations, no work, no trying to change what is.

This is what seekers are looking for.
And once again, unless you look, all words are empty.


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