Sunday, 12 December 2010

Why Care?

I look at the statistic numbers on my blog and I see that people read what I write. If all that is written was rubbish, you would not be reading more than one page and you would be moving on to different blogs and other info.
I know my words strike the cord in you, I know that, because I get your emails and I see few of you at ruthless arena.

What I want to know is if you care enough about your freedom. As well as if you care enough about freedom of others.

I care. I stand here holding the signs:

Wake up!
Think for yourself!
Stop following and look for yourself!
Question everything!
Do not stop!
There is no true Self!
There is no separation!
All you need is turning your face to the truth!

What else can I do to make you see? It’s your freedom! I looked, I questioned, I saw, I got out from illusion that there is a separate self that is in charge of my life. I saw that all is just life flowing. It’s obvious. It changed my life, I feel free inside, there is no painful spot to which emotions stick. There is no glue that holds the pain. All is gone with simple realisation of truth. Life is, self isn’t.

Seeing that I feel inspired to share this with you and I feel that I have to hammer this message onto this blog and into your heads so that you who are reading could free yourselves from the lie.

And that is your responsibility- free yourself. Stop believing, find the truth. It will be intense but don’t stop, go through.

Once you get free, the way you see the world changes. First thing I saw was how everyone is infected with I Virus, I saw that this stupid childish belief that we are all separate selves is affecting our lives not in a good way. It destroys the planet, it keeps everyone asleep. I saw how people are wrapped up in illusions and make themselves comfortable believing that they are god. I saw how these gods are helpless children that think that life is a playground created by them so they can play.

Life just is.

It’s time to grow up. It’s time to rip the illusions wide open and then help the others.
When you see that there are not other selves, but only life and yet the others are living in pain and confusion, do not just walk away. Help them to free themselves from selves.  If you are not going to help, who will? Do you think that one day as by magic people are going to see the truth by themselves? Think again. There is something you can do to help. Put the sign posts everywhere you can, so those who come across your sign will see the way forward.

Life is a journey, not a destination, of course. Freedom is not a destination; it brings a different flavour to the journey. Flavour that lets you live from inspiration rather that fear. And that is a big deal, a big change, one worth fighting for. If not this, then what?

I care because I can not not to care. It’s why I’m here, it’s why you are here. You are here because life has brought you here. So listen up!

We are all in this together. One life. One breath. One. but unless you are awake, you can not see that. I want you to see. Tell me that this is not enough reason to care.

Look around, see who needs your help to wake up. Start from yourself and move forward, pass the flame, burn the lie, it’s not going to happen by itself.

Chose to care! I have.



  1. we care because we are a little tiny part of her, we started from one cell. the ones who have stop caring are lost. devoured by the 'ivirus' u write of.

  2. We care, but yes, most cells are still carring the I virus or in other word- cancer.
    Time to heal!
    That is: see the cancer of self eating the way into your life and question if it's real. That who thinks that he thinks is just a thought. Thought is a label pointing to something that is felt.
    We feel the call home and we follow, the only way forward. Let it take you to here and now. :)