Saturday, 30 October 2010

Instructions: Follow the White Rabbit.

Fear of unknown.

It's always scarier in the mind than in actual doing.

Have you got a tattoo? If you do, do you remember the first time? You have heard the stories if pain, did not know what to expect but still went through the experience.

I find it that if a first timer is scared of what tattoo is going to feel like, he gets all worked up, sits in the chair and trembles. I say then, "Of course it's going to hurt, but your fear is bigger than the actual pain, just relax and go with it. Do not resist, just breathe and you'll be fine." When tattoo is started and the pain is not as bad as was imagined, a great release may happen and people even pass out. To avoid that I advice not to think, but wait for experience then go with it with the least resistance.

It happened once that guy was so afraid, that had to leave, just before I started.  5 min later he came back, saying that if he runs away now, his girlfriend is gonna laugh at him to death, he did not want to be chicken, so he came back and sat into the chair. I drew the first line and he started laughing: "Is that it? Is this how it's going to feel? OMG, that's nothing! I can't believe I almost did not get it done because I was afraid of this!"

It's such a relief to know that in reality nothing is so scary as in the mind. Thinking too much makes everything look distorted, more intense. Thoughts run on their own and makes the unknown a very scary place. But it's just thoughts.

Waking up

If you ever thought about waking up, getting out of illusion, becoming enlightened, you mind holds an image what it should be like. If you hear the words- "there is no you" - the thoughts  start running around building defences. It runs over and over the preconceived ideas, bits of information of what other people say about it, creating an image of scary unknown.

What if getting free is not scary at all? What is it that keeps you in the loop of misery? If you knew that seeing truth is a matter of minutes, would you like to get rid of emotional pain like a snakes sheds it's skin? Removing the Lie of Self destroys the glue that holds the pain together.

That's what I'm here to tell you, it isn't that hard as mind makes it appear.

So the instruction is only one:



There is breathing, thinking, doing, seeing, hearing, feeling but none of that requires a doer. It just is.

There is no you.

I is a label that does not refer to anything but the sum of parts that make up an image: body, character, style, sound of voice etc.

If you look now what do you see?
Is there you that is reading or just reading?

You thinking or just thoughts passing through? Focus on the absence of watcher.

There is no you.

Is it true?

Since there is no me writing this, but life flowing, it's not me putting the seeds in "your" mind. The seeds will sprout either way. The path of least resistance is the way of least pain.

So take a walk, relax and go with it.

There is no knowledge needed, no spiritual practice, no candle burning, no chanting, simple looking and then it's done.

What is seen once, can not be unseen.
Like when you learned that there was no Santa you can not go back to believing that it was real.  Same stuff here. The lie of you is just that. The lie.

Now go and look for yourself.

Please come to the forum if assistance needed. We are here to help.


  1. There has been no mention of this huge chunk that goes with you not existing. A huge belief by the masses. I am talking about Christians, Mormons, Muslims, New Agers, and Jehovah Witnesses etc. There is this afterlife they all look forward to. Most would say that life down here is a hell and they all look for something better when they die. Belief in that the soul who they really are will go to heaven and they will be reunited with their loved ones.Or they will be with Jesus and get spiritual bodies.
    That is a huge chunk of belief. When there is no self then there is no death for there is no you to die cause you are not. So death to the body is just another event in the flow of life. So much for those that think they are the doer and drive and control their bodies. Once the heart stops beating they can't do a damn thing.

    Can you comment on this ? I would suppose this would be bad news for many to hear. I am talking about the religious. And even those in the New Age who believe that they are divine and their true self goes on.
    The ramifications are huge. You are talking about those who think they converse with people who have passed on. Ascended masters who guide them through life etc.Reincarnation . Heaven or hell. These people are very difficult to have a look and see. Their beliefs are really deep so therefore difficult to pop.

  2. All in due time...

    the way I see is that world is gone crazy.
    Everyone is holding on to their beliefs and fight for them. Sooner or later the truth is going to come out. It will be a grand collapse :)
    I'm doing my part in destabilizing the lie. That is my front line. The more people become aware of the lie, the easier it will be for others. step by step. it's all connected.