Wednesday, 27 October 2010


This is it. My very first blog.
How did it happen? It all came up together effortlessly and all I have to do is sit down and write.

This blog is going to be about 2 things: tattoos and truth, as in no lies.

Tattoos, because that’s what I do, I put markings on bodies and I enjoy the life of being an artist. It's definitely cool. I get to listen to my favourite music, meet people from all over the world, have conversations with them, get to know my clients and generally have great day every day. Even better, I am able to give you something that last till you die, kind of, from the perspective of the body-eternal.

Truth, because desire to know, to understand, to crack what it is to be a human is the burning force that is leading my life. Ever since the explosion of the mind back in 2002. One day my eyes had been opened to a different reality and that fire is still going on........

I experienced a deep feeling of being at home. No thoughts, no desires, pure clarity and presence. That was my initiation into the seeking. Seeking for the feeling of being at home, feeling lightness of being/ not being. Sounds bizarre, but that is the only way I can describe it.

The tattoo in the picture- this was me then. So I saw myself. A warrior woman, ready to meet challenges, coming out from the dark in search for enlightenment. hm... Oh yeah, and I’m an alien. Forgot to mention... ha ha. Got you!

Evern since I came accross the term Flow, I wanted it.  I wanted to be in the flow, as I imagined that being in was deffinitely better than out. 

The searching continued untill I realised now that I am that flow... This is quite new to me, like crossing the line of no way back. like when you get a tattoo, you will never be a skin virgin again. :) All what hapened was me following the white rabbit after taking a red pill. The path led trough Ruthless Truth Forum. And here I am looking from another side, seeing life differently.

So a couple of days ago a small miracle happened. A broken computer was pulled out from under the bed and got itself started. A broken screen worked too, a couple of cables and here we go, I got a new fast computer, and next thing I know, is that this blog materialized. Seems like life itself had something to do with this. Synchronicity. Love it. 

 That’s it for the start.

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