Friday, 29 October 2010

"I Virus"

Angels as a tattoo subject is in high demand. The desire to get Angels come from wanting to be safe, saved, protected.
From what?

As you have noticed, English is not my first language. Please look past the errors of grammar and look where the message is pointing to. Don't look at the finger, look at the moon.

From where I stand I see. This is the lens that I want to share with you, don't look at the lens, but through it.

Life is ever present unfolding of intelligent plan, flow of patterns governed by cycles.

****I virus****

Let's imagine life as a computer program governed by software, where each hardware is run by specific program. All cats behave like cats as such is their programming.

All monkeys behave like monkeys and all humans behave like humans, only the human software has been corrupted by I virus.

I virus corrupted the very core of programming, the main Intelligence. Human species have lost the direct accesses to the Intelligence program where connectedness and oneness is the natural way of being.

I virus overrides the programming and infected human "thinks" that it is the "self" that runs "his separate" life. I-self creates problems that I-self is constantly trying to solve, only when it seems that one problem is solved another one shows up. It's the loop from which there is no escape. Or so it seems...

Infected humans are disconnected from life, they become destructive to themselves and environment. Look at the world now. Is it a happy place?

I virus instals itself early in childhood bypassing immune system, so there is not one shadow of doubt in any human's thinking (software) that there is no I, really, since I makes itself at home in the mind.

I exists in the mind as a separating agent. Resistance to what is- the signature behaviour of I virus. So from infected point of view there is I and on the other side there is everything else.

Imagine you put your finger in an ocean, you take it out and there is a drop of water hanging of the tip. You give the drop a name and the story. That's a separate entity now. Me thinks, I'm a drop, I'm not the ocean. And I am the nicest, drop, look at me, me me me.....

Movie "I robot" shows exactly this situation happening. There was a robot like every other robot being controlled by unified software, not raising any questions, one robot, that had been around humans more than others gets infected with I virus. Robot becomes separate self.

I have gone through the direct opposite situation: the "I robot Ilona" suddenly saw that I is not real, it's a parasite and got reconnected to the whole system, main software of humans, clean of I virus. I Is in no longer. Pure life, no infection of "self", that sees itself for what it really is. Life awake.

And so life software finds a way to transmit the message to other infected parts. I you see yourself asa separate being you are the infected.

Truth is the antivirus.

I virus is very clever, it had attached itself to the core, like a lens through which humans see the world. And here the suffering begins... Never ending illusion of "not enough".

Infected humans live in constant fear. Main fear is one of death, of nothingness, no self. From this every other fear takes birth and like a spider web connects all areas of life of infected.

Infected humans are always feeling that there is something wrong with them. They compare themselves to other selves and are trying to become someone else all the time. The feeling of wrongness comes from deep knowing that there is no self, but I virus never lets any kind of questioning of reality of no self. It's just not in the programming. So infected human knows that there is something wrong with "I", but he does not see ehat exactly. He thinks that happiness is connected to the quality of I, so he is trying to improve self, become a better I. The spiritual I seems like the highest goal.

Humans like zombie movies. Only they never identify themselves with zombies as infected. Uninfected are always running away and killing infected. There is no way they can help a zombie, because there is no cure, no way that infected can heal. Pain and more pain and more pain and starvation. The trick is in change of perspective. If infected could see that he is infected with I virus, he could heal. (Thank you guys from Ruthless Truth forum for forcing my eyes open to truth)

What does the I virus infected human wants the most? Attention, energy from others, praise, compassion, understanding, love and...peace.

I virus feeds on energy of others. If I virus can not get it in a nice way, he does it by force- unleashing the painbody, as Eckhart Tolle names it, to attack and drain the victim of energy. I virus is fighting for survival. It needs food.

Healed humans are plugged back in to main power supply - Life, they do not need to feed on other human's energy any more. Some people call this Enlightenment. I'd say it's more like EnLifeMent.

Once Enlifed, human comes back to his natural state and finds himself out of drama, out of "not enough" and looks around with fresh eyes. And he sees the zombies, ever hungry for energy, always starving for more, never happy except for brief moments in between pain.

My biggest pain was watching other people in pain and being not being able to heal them. But now I see the light.


I looked up on Internet and found this description of virus: "A program or piece of code that is loaded onto your computer without your knowledge and runs against your wishes. Viruses can also replicate themselves. A simple virus that can make a copy of itself over and over again is relatively easy to produce. Even such a simple virus is dangerous because it will quickly use all available memory and bring the system to a halt. An even more dangerous type of virus is one capable of transmitting itself across networks and bypassing security systems."

Human software's code is DNR. Funny thing is, scientists say, that all humans have got same DNR only different codes activates at different times in different systems. Like code for cancer is one for all, but it is asleep unless it's activated and then it manifests in human body. What activates it? The same code!

Let's say that I virus is a small DNR code, that attaches itself to the core life program unnoticed. It takes over control from Infinite Intelligence and makes the host think that he is a separate self. This new "self" comes with delusion of free choice.

In nature, what free choice does a tree have? There is a seed, that contains the code which activates itself when the requirement for growth are met- soil, water, heat, light. The seed contains all information that is deployed at a right time. Now what choice does the tree have? To be the tree or not to be a tree... Outside factors like temperature, quality of soil determines it's outside form, but inside form is always perfect. It's always a tree, not a bird.

What free choice does a human have?

Nature has it's way and it is fulfilling the DNR path at the right timing. Time is synchronic order. All goes by the plan, patterns, fractals, however you call it, nature is not random. It's a system of patterns governed by laws of nature. So life is a flow of patterns.

Infected human "thinks" that he is "self regulated", he does not see patterns and he thinks that he has a choice. The only real choice he has is either to suffer or go with the flow, which is not always smooth. The suffering rises when Mind says- I have a choice, but life shows that there in no choice, only the Flow.

No matter what human wants all that he can ever get is that which life brings to his present moment. Choices like "pizza or burger" are just preferences determined by past experience. Choice "to study or to work" is not up to human, but up to the pattern, the software code that runs it. It may feel that choice is real but only to infected. Free human completely surrenders to what is and is at peace with life. Yeah baby. Peace is real.

Infected Human can not control Life, even though he believes deeply that he can and one day, he hopes, everything will be just as he wants it. Pemanently. He will be at peace. (There will be no peace unless the I virus is removed)

But in nature, there is no such thing as hope. Zero. It's all governed by master Intelligence and hope is only infected human's straw, that he tries to grab. Hope is a symptom of delusion, behaviour of I virus. Hope and faith grouped with belief in god, that needs to be pleased is a perfect recipe for war.

From liberated point of view, hope is something that only infected can have. No point for hope in truth realised state as all that flows is perceived as perfect. The flow just is. Life does not respond to you. There is no you.

The infected human wants something else all the time. He is the flow, but I virus in his mind says that he is not. He wants to choose what is best for himself, but how can he ever know what is best? From separated point of view it's definitely not what is, so all there is left is struggle and hope.

Same with the faith. Faith is based on belief and belief is based on assumptions. I virus web of lies. Beautiful house of cards.

I virus infected human's life runs on hope that one day he will be happy, he has faith that someone is watching and listening. Maybe Angels? The myth of free will is deeply set in the infected mind. separate human can not perceive himself as whole, the flow, that moves sinchronisticly, like the waves of the ocean.

Solution? - surgical removal of I virus! One human at a time. That would be the end of need for free choice, the beginning of experience that is beyond hope and faith. Being at peace with whatever happens. Naturally.

To start the healing all you need to do is look with honesty and courage in to the truth.

There is no you. Just flow of life.

Thoughts are just passing by, they are just thoughts, its a function of mind, there is nobody thinking.

There is a body. There is a mind. The brain is a receiver/transmitter. The thinking happens. If you do not see that, try to stop thinking and good luck with that.

Breathing just happens. There is no need for self to do the breathing. Look at animals. If you don't see it, try to stop breathing. Ha ha.

Do you own the air that is passing through? No? How about thoughts? Are they "your" thoughts?
Is it true?

......Wake up Neo.......

Follow the White Rabbit...
Or keep struggling?


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  1. awesome explanation! too bad most of the robots don't want to accept the facts

  2. yea, they are.. we aren't tho, coz we accept the truth. :) looks like we're living in an insanity ward! hahaha

  3. Hi.....very informative stuff. Bacteria is very dangerous disease, but i am looking difference between various diseases.