Thursday, 28 October 2010

I Believe...

Working at a tattoo shop I get to speak to a lot of different people. My clients come from many countries, each one different and yet the same- human.

Every human wants happiness, wants to be loved, understood, supported, admired etc. Only the search for happiness is doomed right from the start. Problems keep coming up. Nobody wants pain, nobody likes to suffer, and yet this is condition of modern world. (By the way, tattoo is pain, some people like it.) 

I see the root of unhappiness. It's the conditioning, the mass hypnosis, the beliefs that humans carry inside. It is amazing how humans believe just anything. While tattooing I get asked stupid questions sometimes, one that stands out was this : " so the ink is made if plastic then? " all I could say was: "Wwhat????" the guy looked at me and said " or is that just in America then?"

How can you believe that? Is just a complete nonsense! And yet the guy was for real. He also heard that if you get a tattoo you should not swim for half a year ... I wonder, how is this happening, people accepting anything as truth, without even a shadow if doubt.

This is an extreme case, but when you scratch the surface, you see that everything we believe is wrong! Look at the word "believe" for a second: be-lie-ve. Right at the centre there is a lie staring right at you! Tattoo that!

I see that most humans cherish their beliefs like it's the most precious treasure, remember Lord Of The Rings? My precious... That's how important beliefs are, it makes up the sense of self, it is collection  of "knowledge", the lens that we are looking trough to life.

How do we get beliefs? By accepting somebody else's without questioning. We read a book, we watch the news, a documentary. We are conditioned by parents, schools, universities, church, government, media, fashion etc.... You see, once we accept the suggestion, it's our belief! We then go and protect our opinions, defend our views, argue our truth. Hilarious. Cause none of beliefs are truth!

Look how system of belief works:
When baby is born, he has no beliefs. Zero. Everything is new, fresh, there is no lens to look through. Just life, looking, sensing the environment, experiencing present. Then parents name you and start educating you right from earlyest days, saying what is good and what is bad, do this, not that etc. Then the kid goes to school. The teachers take over, they say 2+2=4, repeat after me! We learn history, science, other stuff by repetition. A child is not being taught to question, but to memorise. When he goes to university it is the same! Repeat after me is the main principle of how beliefs are passed on from human to human. Endlessly.

Most people die before they raise a question "who am I?" or "what is real?" They live their lives looking for happiness and die. They never find happiness. Only pain. Born to die.

I look around and see that we are not born to be happy. If we were, we would be all enjoying life, but this is not the case. People are destructive to themselves and the planet. All other species live in harmony with nature, except for humans. What do humans have, that makes them different? The sense of Self.

In the self help world you hear that your beliefs make up your reality and if you change your beliefs for better ones, your life will be much more enjoyable, easier, more fun, o yeah. The spiritual specialist will advise you to review your core beliefs. But in reality, no beliefs are true. They are the opposite of truth, the fantasy, illusion. It's like a house of cards, the beliefs are stuck one on another, suggestions accepted, layers and layers of lies.

Good thing here is that once inspected, beliefs fall, disappear, puff and they are gone! So if you find the core belief on which all the lies are resting and if you are brave enough to challenge it, the house of lies will fall. Destruction will be imminent. All you need to do is find the target and shoot!

I'll give you that target!



it's the unqestioned belief that there is you, a separate cell, disconected from life, never content with what is.


In Reality there is no you, there is no self, life just is.

Just think for yourself.

Take a breath.

Is it possible that all you believe is not true?

How would you know that?


  1. This is wonderful. Absolutely mind changing. I just asked myself, "Is it true that I don't make enough money (my current belief)? And I saw it wasn't. Who says? And who told them? And them again?" Thank you for this. VERY useful.

  2. Love reading you! Thanks and keep going!