Friday, 8 July 2016

Liberation Unleashed Book

I am looking forward to the 1st of October, as that is when my book Liberation Unleashed is coming out. 

Writing this book was a whole journey, that started before I even knew it. It took a few years to gather the material, to shape and to polish it. I am really excited, that only in a few months it will be in the shops, on the shelves ready to be picked up by readers. I am exited not because I think it is great to be a published writer, but because this book has a real potential to make a huge change people's lives.

I put everything that I could say to a seeker, that worked, that pushed, that pointed to seeing that undivided wholeness of what we are. This book is packed with questions, practical and simple exercises, that can be used and tried out by anyone. It contains a few Direct Pointing guiding conversations that I had, where confusion was cleared and clarity was found. It also has a few articles from my blog and Seven Steps to seeing through the illusion of a separate self. All my work, crystallized, synthesized and put in order. My hope is that this work will reach out further, to more people and it will be the last book that is needed to read, in order to awaken from a dream of separateness.

These pointers and method truly work, as it is seen repeatedly on  Liberation Unleashed forum. Every day we have new member coming in and guides offering to help. There are six thousand members now, which is not a joke! It is incredible to see many guides, working there with seekers that come from all kinds of paths looking for peace, truth, clarity; taking them by hand out of the head into the experience, pointing where to look again and again, till all doubts are cleared.

I am so incredibly grateful for everyone involved in whichever way they can to support LU movement. It is amazing for me to hear about LU meetings happening here and there, people coming together in person, sharing, exploring and investigating together. It is great to hear about more and more people finding LU through friends, family, teachers, books of other authors, YouTube videos and the App. And soon this book, I hope, will make it so much easier for those that are ready to look, actually recognize the simple truth, that I, the separate self, is not what it appears to be. And that opens up a whole new view, a whole new way of life, with more space, trust and openness to what is happening... to what IS.

I noticed on Amazon, that there is a good deal of 21% off the price if you pre-order. I think it's worth it, if you consider buying it. It's a bit longer to wait for it to be released outside America, but it's coming! It will be out on December 29th.

Please share this post with anyone that might be interested, help to spread the news. And while waiting, if there is burning desire for truth, please register on the forum and start that journey through the gateless gate.

with love,

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