Saturday, 2 April 2016

Awakening Dialogues: Ilona and Will Are Talking About Awakening as Evolutionary Function

I was invited by Will Pye to do a dialog about awakening. It's not an interview, he says, but a friendly chat: we can talk about a chosen topic and just see what happens.

Will is a teacher and an author of a book called "Blessed with a Brain Tumor", you can visit his website here  It was lovely to meet him and his girlfriend Elizabeth, who filmed the conversation. 

Here is the little chat between me and Will, recorded in February 2016. We talked about evolution and how awakening is an inside job. 
Hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Hi Ilona, I speak Spanish, my English is no so good. What i understand in this video is that you use the law of attraction(i know is not "attraction" is more like the reality take the form of our state of being)
    Is that true? Do you use this "law"? or i understand bad?

    We can use this law consciously once we see that there is "no Self"?