Wednesday, 18 April 2012

LU London Meeting

I'm really pleased to announce that I'm organizing first live meeting.

Saturday, 12th of May 2012, 

12:00- 4:00pm at 

Friends Meeting House in Hampstead, London

120 Heath Street
London NW3 1DR 

Public Transport: Hampstead Tube Station (Northern line, Edgware branch).
Buses 210 or 268 to Whitestone Road.
Parking: Along the roads. Parking spaces are scarce in Hampstead but resident's parking does not apply on Sundays.

If you have participated in many satsangs and retreats and still think that there is something missing, here is your chance to see it once and for all- there is no self. With seeing that in your own experience, the search for I drops and you are free to explore what life is really about. By using Direct Pointing Method developed together with other members at Liberation Unleashed, I will help you see by pointing where to look. We won't be talking about it, we are going to question all that is in the way of this simple, yet profound truth.

If you are ready, then come to this meeting and see what all Buddhas are talking about.

Here is an opportunity to meet other friends from Liberation Unleashed. If you have seen through illusion of separate self or not, everyone is invited.

Looking forward to it. :)

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