Monday, 13 June 2011


It has been 9 months kind of since I entered Ruthless Truth arena to find out what's the deal with liberation. I was guided to look at the fact that I do not exists in reality as myself. I looked and seeing happened. Simple as that. Life started to make sense as well as words of masters.

Life is abundant, we have so many theories, philosophies, religions and spiritual practices that promise us life full of joy. Everyone wants to be happy. But there is some work to be done first.

When you sit in a car it does not start by itself, you need a key, you need to turn the key and then ignition happens. Right? You can't just sit in a car and relax fully, do some meditation or read some enlightened texts or pray and expect that car will turn on by itself.

So for liberation to happen you also need a key, and you need to turn that key, then liberation happens. Seeing happens and search is over... I see that people want to wake up, but have no clue, what to do. So search is on- next program, next cd, retreat, book, etc. And yes, all those programs and good advise works! For a while...and 25 years later all they have is a collection of wisdom of others, names of masters and knowledge of ways. But no realisation...

I have been looking for happiness, but on my way I was blind until it hit me- "no self"... I knew that this was a real deal, I knew I had to investigate, so I did.

Without strong desire to wake up and readiness to sacrifice all beliefs for truth, "no self" is invisible! You can read it and not register. The brain is not a fertile ground for this seed yet. But if it registers and starts expanding one day sooner or later realisation happens. Yeah, when you turn the key, of course.

The key- there is no you.

Tu turn it one really needs to investigate this fact and reach resolution.

You may think, that liberation is beyond mind and is not found in thinking or you can give it a test, think for yourself and see what happens. ;) Open scepticism is a great friend here.

If you sit and intentionally relax, do work, drill through cloud covers, meditate in order to get free, you are looking at a wrong place. None of other people's processes are helpful for you in order for the shift to happen. So unless somebody is guiding you to directly see no self, they are guiding you away from liberation. Trust me. You are on your own in your own quest for freedom.

Ruthless truth arena these days is the best place to look for help, if needed. These guys and girls do not sell anything, they don't want anything else but help to set you free. And they will cut through illusions like butter. It's the place where you turn the key and life takes over.

I invite you to check out "no self" thing personally and passionately.
The end of seeking is the beginning of exploration. :) yes, there is time for cleaning up and once it finishes, the ride is smooth and it's definitely fun!

Liberation is nothing else but truth. You know, truth will set you free.

Sending love



  1. nice. still trying to kill lie i see. i should do another of these some self is definitely the key, no doubt about that...

  2. Thanks, russell88. It's not so much about killing the lie these days, but dissolving it. :)