Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Book Idea

I read a book once, a very powerful book which had power to clean up programming in the brain. After finishing reading it, life was never the same. It was "Easy way to stop smoking" by Alan Carr. He just found the way to show the truth of what is going on with smoking that made all attachments fall. For me it was 4 days reading, not once since I even thought about sucking on tobacco. It's been years.

All that book did was clean up beliefs associated with smoking and so it naturally drops. I thought, wouldn't that be nice to read a book and drop the illusion of self. Just like that.

So I run this idea by my friends at Ruthless Truth and I'm exited to announce that this book is on the way.

We each will contribute something to help to see the obvious. It will be a nice mix of best ideas from different perspectives and angles that will leave no doubt about absence of a separate self. There is a lot of experience among us now, we know what works and all together we will sound this call to look at the reality with fresh eyes. If you haven't yet, this book is for you.

I'm looking forward to this unfoldment to take the flight.



  1. It is unfolding indeed.
    It's called Gateless Gatecrashers
    And it's gonna be good.

  2. Any idea when it's gonna come out? I've been hearing good things about this book for a long time. Can't wait to check it out!