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If you are seeking peace, then stop resisting and it's right here. Between resisting and resting the difference is IS. That is so simple. :)

Peace is all that is left after war is over. And war ends when there is nothing more to defend or protect. As long as there is fighting with what is, arguing with what can never be changed, there is tension inside. Noticing that opens up a door to release.

All war is in the mind. Thought running after thought about what should be different or what should have been different than it was. Can you really be sure that it should be different? - This thought turns the train around.

If this is happening, it's here just because and this is IT. Thoughts of judgement about it are in the way of noticing peace. And this moment, here, now, always is silent and peaceful. Senses are alive, perceiving, thoughts are passing by or not. It's all good. All as it should be. So peaceful and serene.

Until it isn't. And just like a wave in the sea, something rises up from the depth to be noticed, to play out, to be experienced. But deep peace that is underneath it all does not go anywhere, it here to be noticed and available any time. The still centre at the middle of the storm. Seeing that has the flavour of freedom. Boundless and eternal now. So sweet.

There are many pointers on how to release, how to work with beliefs, how to go with the flow, there are teachings, but there is only one flow, one movement and no doer that is to do any inquiry. If inquiry is happening, it takes it's own course.

I found two questions that work really well in search for peace.
1. Mind, are you at peace?
2. Heart, are you at peace?

And just talking to this mind and heart and asking simple questions lead to release:
Mind, (Heart)
Would you like to relax more?
What is in the way of feeling peace?
What is behind that?
And behind that?
What feeling is here for a visit?
Would you like to let go of this?
Are you ready release it now?

And if the answer is yes, then open the door inside, take a deep breath and let the feeling pass.. Then more,
Then a little bit more, and more still.
When it feels it's enough, then release even more.. Till there is nothing left.

If feelings like fear come up, welcome them, thank them for showing up and ask them same questions- are you ready to go? Are you ready to pass now?...

Talking to mind and heart with kindness as you would with a small child, giving them a hug and a kiss, meeting whatever comes up with openness is a path to more peace.
And when peace is noticed, it expands. There is feeling of sinking deeper into peace, a smile and silent joy, amazement. What else is here if not just THIS. It's gorgeous!

Have you found peace?
If not, give it a try. This is how it works in action.

Here is an excerpt from conversation with Ben. 

Can you take a look again behind that feeling of sadness, what is there? What is sadness saying to you?

If i welcome the sadness, bring it close there is uncertainty. I am aware of how thoughts and the I thought can trick and cause illusions and there is doubt as to whethe anything at all has really been seen.

Of course. Bring that doubt for a chat.
Ask the mind, literally, what does it want right now so it can relax.

its always answers the same, i asked many wants to be free

Good answer. Ask it now, what is it that it wants to be free off/ from/ to?

free of constraint, free from disollusionment, free to be. Free of identity  free from me


Tell it it's ok to let that me go. It's not real anyway. Ask it if it's ready to release it?
Ask it if it's ready now.

there's a big YES

Yes! Sounds great  let it all out. And then a bit more.

there is freedom from "me" all round! that was amazing, all out and a bit more.
the sadness has moved there is pure happiness

And a bit more. Then more. Keep letting it out, the door is open now, keep feeling and let out even more. Do that for like 5 - 10 min. Just see the door open in the chest.

thank you. so much tension just left my body.

Awesome. And you are very welcome.
Let the mind stay relaxed. Thank it, hug it and give it a kiss.
It's like a little child inside that you can always talk to. Be kind to it.

Can you feel the love running through mind and heart as mind finds peace?

i can hardly lift arms, every fibre of my body is so relaxed and filled with love. subtle flow of tingling sensations throughout body. mind finds peace

bliss. no words. just love

goodnight Ilona

Pease and silence.
Good night.


hey ben, how is it going today?

Wow  thank you Ilona! after that experience i was so tired but totally blissed out..i meditated off into sleep. As i was breathing i was breathing in love and breathing out ME. It felt one point in the early morning fear crept in again! somehow, showed up in my bliss  it was strong, I welcomed it asked it to come close and could not see anything behind it. But i was surprised it appeared as i was in such a deep state of relaxation and no self - i have had a similar experience on vipassana before.

Today i have been working, I'm finding it strange applying this in my working life but things generally felt good today. I am very happy and filled with a buzz of excitement and energy.

I was amazed how quickly and impermanent the sadness "i" was experiencing HA turned to bliss with realisation and disollusionment. also the conversation with my mind was amusing..thank you x

the experience last night was phenominal and so much ME left! It felt like a huge shedding

great to hear, ben. you will see that seeing this in not all love and peace all the time. it's great to bliss out and enjoy the state, but it's a state, and it will pass. don't worry, and don't try to hold on, enjoy while it lasts. :))

yeah, conversation with mind and heart is and interesting trip without any drugs. hehehe.
great to hear that you are well.

wow, i'm finding new magic powers- this i haven't tried before and it just happened with you. i have picked up this technique from pamela wilson, last year in a satsang. i'm impressed that it works like that. thank you.

Yeah i experienced this on vipassana after a beautiful day of subtle sensations - i was expecting it the next day..and of course it was not there. What was there was there, which was beautiful in its own right but it was not my expectation. Once i accepted what was there i could carry on the technique.

Yes you are magical!! you helped sadness into euphoria in three sentences  what happened with me was amazing..what technique? questioning mind?x

texnique to talk to your mind not to you. hahahaha. it works.

cool stuff.
got to go now.

yes it does  ha.

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