Monday, 28 February 2011

An Invitation

It has been five months since seeing through the veil of illusion. A lot has been dropped since then...

Peace with what is is always here now. No more fighting with life about anything. Acceptance comes natural, relaxation is present, no mater what seems to be happening.

On the outside the biggest change is freedom from boss. I quit the job, where I stayed stuck and wanted to get out. No more working for somebody else. Started my own tattoo studio and it feels great. :)

It feels that everything is constantly falling into right place. Not just for me, but my friends as well, I see a lot of movement to a different place, cutting bondages, stepping into freer way. There is feeling of gratefulness, appreciation, grace and joy.

I met a lot of really nice people on face book and I recognise those who are free. The clarity, purity speaks and it's like music to my ears. I enjoy greatly the connections with open space...

On the other side there are those who are still to unrealise the illusionary self that drives the body and the mind. They seem to try to control, defend, pretend and guard their beliefs. They seem to play games of blame. If your beliefs feel threatened- you are delusional. That's one way to check where you are.

The desire to fight has diminished, but if I see a lie I point. Watching thoughts that come and go. Enjoying the simple being.

Sometimes there is longing for some action and challenge, but all seems further away and I have to reach for it. The fierce warrior is at home and in peace.



Beneath the surface of relaxed quietude there is a fire burning bright and is ready to extend the loving flames to torch the lies. Bring your lies to me, I'll set them on fire and help to free the way to clear seeing. The wool, fluff, all bullcrap burns once touched by truth. If you are brave enough to let the fire in, just ask.

If you rather defend/ pretend/ guard you prescious self, then I invite you to step into the fear- that's the way home. Just think, what if all the futile efforts to fill the void with fluffy promises and hope are in a way of freedom? Just think, is anything worth holding onto? Including self, which as you know, is a phantom. Time to really see it.

So let whatever is in a way of freedom burn. Enjoy the flames that clear the way, dance around fire of burning beliefs, in joy.

There is a way out of frustration and that is through the purifying blaze while keeping the eye on target- freedom from self.

So what is it that is ready to burn next? Find the thing that you want to keep the most. Question it, see what happens. If help needed, just ask.

If you are free, please share, how does it feel to be free it may inspire somebody else to find that out for themselves.. Even if everything just happens....



  1. Yeah nicely put ilona. I want some of that. Desire is there but is it getting in the way?
    I love the fact that you are a tattoo artist does your new perspective influence your work and the images you manifest?
    'Me' feels like a great black hole sucking the energy down into the vortex of this bottomless void. Every day it get denser and harder to hold up and sustain.

  2. Nothing is sucking, Phil, it's more like falling. nothing that you grab and try to hold on is other than illusion. The imagination makes it appear so. Let go, see what happens. Letting go is looking at all expectations and reducing them to zero with profound doubt. Then just seeing happens.

    Tattooing is fun for me, love transforming/ customising human bodies.:)