Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Window


You are siting inside an old house and looking through a window to the ouside, dreaming about how nice it would be to feel oneness.

You notice how little you can see of the outside as the window is not clean, it's actualy very dusty, dirty, lots of fingerprints, maybe some chocolate. You take a damp cleaning cloth and start cleaning it. Bit by bit the view becomes clearer. So you clean it until it shines. Good job, so much effort and energy spent and now you can sit and enjoy the view thinking how much you deserve it. But you still feel trapped and separate. The view is still not crystal clear.

And then you notice a handle, open the window and climb out! (ground floor, btw) Immediately there is no more separation, no more here inside and there outside, it's the world right here right now. You look around in awe! How much clarity, how nice the sun feels on your skin, how clean is the air...

Imagine, you neighbour saw this and looked at his window, opened it and climbed out....

Now look at how many teachings are there about how to get used to sit inside and be happy, which pills to take if you do not feel happy, how to clean the window from left to right, how use left hand and chant at the same time and how ancients cleaned the windows. Of course, everybody is an expert window cleaner! Nobody thinks to climb out and just be.

If you saw your neighbour do it, would you look at the possibility that this is doable or would you keep trying to polish your window frame with a tooth brush?

People are being influenced by others very easily. Suggestion accepted without questioning becomes a belief and that is the dust on the window. The process of cleaning is different for everyone and there is no one best way to clean your window. But what I'm pointing to- look, the window opens up and you can climb out into the open space without needing to clean all the window first. (maybe the handle)

Once you climb out you can come back in anytime and finish cleaning the glass in your own perfect way with least effort. Without need to hear 101 ways on how to clean it.

Check for yourself- the window opens. It's when you stop listening to the radio on how to clean your window and start looking for the handle and thinking for yourself.

Don't just believe me- test it, it's about your freedom.


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