Sunday, 9 April 2017

Exploring Consciousness Through Technology

Since I wrote about finding one's own path, I feel to share a little about mine.

In between the first kick to start searching for what I AM in 2002 and finding the unexpected answer in 2010, I was a seeker. I did not call myself that, I did not connect to other seekers, nor I knew that there was a whole seeking culture. My path led me to technology. I always had a love for technology, for me that is an expression of intelligence and by finding ways to enhance human experience, an opportunity to evolve in higher speeds.

Of course, it's not about speeds, but rather shortcuts. For example, first time I found out about Holosync I was super excited. Using technology brought me an opportunity to experience deep meditational states, even though I have never sat in a meditation for longer than ten minutes. Meditation interested me but not enough to set me on some path that I would involve sitting still for hours and day after day till something unknown could be achieved. That was laughable for me. I could sit still and listen to music, but not to my own thoughts. That was way too boring. And there were a lot of thoughts.

With the use of technology I got that I don't need to do anything to switch off thinking, no practice is necessary, one can just put phones on and go right into amazing meditation states. No teacher or guru was needed. The brain was entrained by different brainwaves and desired states came easy, with a touch of play button.

Hollosync was followed by all other kinds of brain entrainment, subliminal messages, healing music, tuning forks etc. My path took me to explore how different frequencies are creating different sensations in the mind and body. And yes, this has nothing to do with the search for the answer to the ultimate question, but all to do with energetic side, the wellness, healing, and exploration of what human experience has to offer.

Fast forward a good few years to 2016 I arrive in Mexico, to participate in Barnaby's retreat. To my surprise I meet people that too are into technology, but not in a hobby like fashion like me, but for real. It was incredible to meet Guy Harriman, the creator of Ajna light. After ten minutes of trying his invention I stood up and the first thought said- I want this. I will get this and will show this to many people.

This technology is so beyond anything I could play with before. As soon as we were back from Mexico, I ordered Ajna Light and I could not wait for it.

I started to use it regularly, every day, sometimes with breaks. Sometimes it felt I had to take a break, to integrate and chill, otherwise, I may get too high. The light gave me what I needed most. Just laying down under it would take me to deep states of healing, release, expansion, inner explosions of bliss. The thinking mind would simply stop thinking and awareness of Presence would be felt. Every session is different and even same settings used would give a unique experience. Sometimes I felt like having higher intensity, sometimes only one percent. It's completely adjustable and it has many settings. It's such fun to work with this light. Of course, I can not describe the experience, and anything I would say would sound just like a few words that have no connection to your experience if you have never tried it.

I usually see lots of colors, mandalas, geometrical shapes or just while light, but it's only visual part of it. The best bit is that mind stops talking. And then the secret sacred place of most high is here. Even writing about this now I get the feeling.. with regular using I feel that it's easy to drop thinking and just be aware.

The light session gives a real trip without taking anything. Light alone is enough. It also combines with music, the computer is programmed with many tracks and I can put my own preferred healing sounds. I like to use some essential oils or incense with it too to get even richer, mind blowing experience every time.

This is a fun way to explore consciousness, find answers to questions and just melt into delicious stillness. This world disappears and the inner world, the heart opens. It's nourishing, relaxing, relieving and delicious.

The best part of having the Ajna light is being able to share it. We had a healing space set up in our house back in England. Quite a few people came to check it out, to have the experience. It is always a pleasure to witness the first impression. People's eyes light up, most loose words and don't know what to say for a while. It really is an unexpected gift that can only be tasted, no description can come close. Pure instant illumination, a deep sense of connection, expanded consciousness, sense of love and being loved- these are just a few words from me.

Now we took this tool to Mexico and already gave a few sessions here. My intention is to organize retreats and use this light as treatment, individually and as a group. I'm looking for a place right now and soon will announce dates.

If you like to learn more about Ajna light there are many videos on YouTube where other people describe their experiences and Guy Harriman talks about his invention.

It's very interesting how this technology found me, without even asking and first I tried it, then I read about it. As if it's meant to be. I'm feeling grateful that there are people creating amazing tools that really work and bring huge benefits to the user. 

Another amazing piece of technology that found me is PEMF mat (pulsing electromagnetic fields), but more about it later. If you have any questions for me, please use the contact form on the right and I will write back.

Love and Light.


  1. Looks like an epensive device, so I won't try it. Years ago I tried two different brands of binaural beats and they had no effect at all. I tried them again recently, nd still no effect. What I did find useful was an electronic gadget that detected my brainwave frequency and displayed it aurally through headphones. I had borrowed this gadget, and they were rather expensive, so I reverse-engineered it and built one of my own, which I modified so that it would detect and show a more useful range of frequencies. I also added a small reading lamp which would light up only when alpha frequencies were being generated.
    With this I discovered that if I used this lamp for reading in an otherwise dark room, I could read poetry by its light, but if I tried to read technical stuff, the lamp would go out and reading was impossible. It showed me that reading for understanding in a logical way generated beta waves, and the relaxed alpha state was difficult or impossible to maintain while doing so.

  2. I also had the opportunity to experience the Ajna light about seven months ago and had a very similar reaction. The experience was beautiful and invigorating yet very calming and focussing at the same time. What impressed me even more was the way that I felt for the days following the experience. I went through the next couple of days in an unshakable state of calm and peace. Things that typically get to me, (the stresses of my workplace, money worries, the need to constantly clean up after my children), didn't even phase me. On top of that I was flooded with all sorts of inspiration, both creatively and in minor ways which I repeatedly found coming up in the way that I was taking steps out of my typical routine, (buying new foods that I usually pass by, taking the time to connect to old friends that I haven't talked to in a long time, making the extra effort to take on small tasks around the house that I had passed over 100 times before). Needless to say, I shared your feeling that the Ajna light needs to be part of my life. I started on a slow trajectory to save up for my own light which I had estimated would take well over a year. With the spark of a few synchronistic happenings I was able to purchase a previously used Ajna2 in January and the journey has begun. I agree very much that the experience is different most every time and definitely from person to person. The one thing that remains consistent is the positivity and levity that the light brings. It is an incredible tool for which I have endless gratitude to Guy Harriman for creating the Ajna light and making it available to people around the world. I wish you all the best sharing the light in Mexico. I feel on top of the world on a dark rainy day in Canada after a light session, I can't imagine the bliss one would feel should they choose to follow their session with a trip to the beach!!!

  3. If the Ajna light is just a flashing LED frequency, you could possibly get similar results using an app (such as Strobily) on your phone, as that will strobe the LED at variable frequencies that you can meditate under.

    1. I would not say it is just flashing LED frequency, there is a whole music to it.

  4. Keep on inspiring with this kind of articles.