Sunday 20 September 2015

Sometimes I Hear This: I Think I Haven't Seen It...

"Seeing no self" is a recognition of what is already here now, happening, by itself, without assumption of a doer.

Sometimes I hear this- I think I haven't seen it... Or I haven't seen it properly. This and that is happening, and I think, it's shouldn't, if I have seen it right. 

This refers to some past event, that already has happened. That is not the place to look. 

In my experience, I have never had a doubt about the absence separate self, I tried once to doubt it, to see if it stands, but doubt had no where to land. It's obvious that life is not divided into little separate pieces that run their own show. All that shows up is one movement, one arising. Thoughts do not divide what is, even if they say they do.

Your experience may be different and you may have the doubt creeping in and taking over. But then, I see this as a hidden expectation- that seeing no self is going to solve all kinds of problems and when it does not deliver, there is a panic, that perhaps this hasn't been seen through. (And that is another problem that needs to be solved.) As if there is a separate self that has these problems, as if mind is in charge of solving them and seeing should have wiped all that away. It's kinda ironic that seeing that there is no separate entity is expected to fix problems that appear to be created by this apparent entity.

I don't know about you, but I have done a lot of work by myself, for myself to clear those beliefs that say how this is and how this should be and how this is not enough. (Not all beliefs fall off without work) These beliefs are here not because of presence of a separate self entity aka person, they are here because they haven't been questioned. Beliefs generate stories, intense emotions that come with these stories are screaming for attention. That's nothing to do with self or no self, it's to do with what you believe is true. 

Life does not stop, it carries on. So does the looking/seeing, inquiring, exploring, getting into situations and stories. And if one looks, here now, this seeing that there is no one here to have problems or need to create and solve problems, is always available. As I say, it's a matter of recognition, noticing, of what is here now. And that needs no words of description. It just is.


  1. Thank you Ilona. This is just what I needed to read today!

  2. thank you Ilona. I love you :)
    A helpful pointer :)

  3. Hi Ilona, this is wonderful. So pleased I found this - it's really helpful. With love, Sara 🙏☺️🙏