Friday, 7 October 2011

Everything You Need to Wake Up

You already know everything you need to know. And in fact you don't need any special knowledge if you want to wake up.

It's an investigation, looking for yourself rather than following anyone elses path. In this blog there is enough to read to see how it happens.

But if you really want to see, you have to look.

There is a lot of live action going on Liberation Nation Forum. It's better than any blog entry, you can come in and talk. And watch conversations evolving. It works very simple and is a bit like chess. Slow and steady.

If you prefer more dynamic aproach and want to speak Live with somebody, come to the Facebook Group also called Liberation Nation.

And if you have already seen through illusion of separate entity, then come and join our team. We are dedicated to make this message heard wide and give the best guiding possible to those who find us. We are looking to learn from you too. So please join the Forum and let's get to know each other.

It is enough time already that humans live with this assumption of separation. If you need help, it's right here, available. Let's get ourselves unconfused.

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