Monday, 11 July 2011

Bruno, My Friend, Welcome To The Flow

I felt the shift recently. Yes, I really want to help people break out of illusion of separation and quite a few people find me for that. It'd just feels most logical thing to do! Now when I'm settled and feeling of falling faded, I find that seeing no self is the key to more relaxed, peaceful way of life. So I do fight the lie still. Hihi but more in a settled way, dissolving, rather than attacking it.

It's nothing more to see that what it IS. Illusion? You can't fall back in, it's just a play now. Whatever rocks your boat. ;)
July 2
"It's nothing more to see that what it IS" ... So on your point of view, you feel that Bruno is free? Do you feel, about my descriptions of what i see though the lens of no-self, that i'm totally free from the illusion of self?

ok, i guess that this questions are from the linear mind of Bruno, trying to rationalize and process something that is just life flowing.... i can see that!!!

Ok, i "need" some guidance... (and yes, illusion again...isn't life amazing? ;-))


July 2
Everyone is free, some just don't know it yet.
It's either you see it or you don't.
Once it's complete, there is no more that which can fall into illusion.

So can you just tell me with whole honesty, if you see it clear or not. If not- we can look at it together. If yes- then there is definite certainty.

Much love, bruno.

Thank you for your time to answer my email... I really do not want spending your precious time. So, since your last email i decide to really look...spending time in nature and observing crowds of people to see how Bruno react to it - from a perspective totally detached from my character...

First thing i saw and felt was emptiness mixed with grattitude... I noticed that the body of Bruno become calm and peacefull... I saw him as if i had separated from the body; like watching a body on the screen of a cinema...
But then i felt frustrated with a "bad" emptiness... I spend this day realy looking and i honestly have to say that i don't see it clear...I guess "my" problem is trying too much to see the true...
Ohhh Ilona, i realy want to break free from the illusion of self... Now, i feel confused, frustrated and angry- and i know that they are a good tools to set me free...

Guide me please!


My time is not precious. It is available in large quantities. ;)

Looks that you are ready.
So here it comes.
Your problem seems obvious. You think, that you need to see something that you do not see yet.

This feels real to you.
But, since there is no you in reality, "you" can not see it. "I" is a thought. It points to nothing.

Let's look at the thought itself.
What is it, where does it come from? Can you control thoughts, stop them?

I is a thought that precedes other thoughts when mind labels experience.
It comes with language.

I breath- rather then breathing is happening
I walk- rather than walking happening
I digest- digesting happening
I observe- observing is happening.

Mind labels experience as it is it's job, but you don't have to believe thoughts, do you. You can look at a thought with thought and work it out. The confusion is in the mind, reality is. it's nothing else to see than what it is already.

Look, what is university? Is there such thing in reality or is it just a label to point to buildings, students, knowledge, all things that are real! But there is no university! Just a label.

I is a label for thoughts about self.

So that I is just a thought. Label.

I is not looking.
Looking is happening at this moment.
It is happening by itself without the need of self.
Notice the obvious.

What do you see?


Hi Ilona!!!! Sorry, only now i got home...

I see that thoughts come from nowhere. Constantly making pop-ups, without the intervention of any self. If "i" try to stop them, instantly new thoughts emerge to destroy the belief that i am the creator; that it´s me who have the power to create them and destroy them...

Today, the observing happens in very different way... The thought emerged along with emotions and the observations just happend, without any self..there wasn't any idea that i am that.
Basically, they appeared and left as fast as they arrived...I just let it go...

Yes, i totally understand that the self is just a label. Just like the analogy of the university - excellent example, by the way! :-)

The I does not look. Yes, no one is looking.. Only the looking manifesting itself, though a physical body ... Life is observing itself!!

I see that there is no suffering. There is no one suffering. Just thoughts about a character that is suffering, just like in a movie.. We sympathize with the character that appears in the thoughts and then, we assume (with another thought) that we are inside the story.. And therefore, we fall into the illusion that we exist!

Keep going.
What is "I"?

The self is an illusory identity. It is a label that has been impregnated since childhood, precisely at the age where we mimic the adults ...
It is a program that was assumed by the mind as a way to control and survival in the society we are located in.
It is a mechanism apprehended by the mind.. I is a concept that was delivered to us...Unlike life, when we are born we are born with life!
On the other hand, the I was given by the the social environment ...

Cool, you are seeing it!
Is there a definite certainty or is there is a doubt?
What happened? What made you see? Is there a you I'm there in any shape or form?

(continuation of my last perception)....Just like the knowledge that is given to us at school, Self is given to us, mandatorily, so it is recorded in memory, without having the chance to question what have been given.
This is how thousands of generations have acquired knowledge, without being able to question the authority of those who gave us the self....

I can not detect any doubt ... Something changed ... but I can not explain why ... I can not describe this experience that is manifesting ..
I wonder if it is true that there are no me ???...
....No answer, just silence .. just a feeling of lightness ...a smile

I will write you tomorrow, what I see ...for now, I want to see it better...enjoying what it IS....
so strange...but in a good way! So smooth... (this is what is happening right now)

big hug 

Morning! How is the view today?

Can you tell me,
What is Bruno?
What is real?

3 hours ago

Talk to me please ! B r u n o....are you through?????

about an hour ago
I am so sorry for just now responding ... yesterday was quite impossible ...
But I have many things to report ... hmm ... where to start?
You asked: "What is Bruno?"
I could answer that is a character ..
But the truth is that when I put that question to myself, the first thing that comes up is nothing ...
I really don't know who is Bruno .. And to tell the truth, I do not need to have an answer. Everything is right. The mind is calm for the first time in the life of the character Bruno.
Nothing changed and everything has changed ... How to explain the unexplainable? Life remains the same. The same everyday challenges, the same thoughts arise, the same emotions arising ... Everything is the same but at the same time, everything changed ...

The truth is that despite all the problems (challenges) that arise,

such as a terrible toothache arising because of the wisdom tooth that is emerging, the mind is calm ... I observe and I'm mindlessly in peace ...- "How interesting such pain. The life expressing itself ... "I say to myself ..

Some debts to pay and the deadlines ending and I see that everything is right. No drama. As soon as comes a thought that I am fucked, I notice that it's just a thought, which is an illusion. And peace appears in the body.

The feeling of guilt that Bruno had for not to work harder; for not acting more quickly vanished ...

Sometimes arises a feeling of irritation caused by something external ...I observe and let him go! simple!

I look at the trees that I see every day when I walk in nature and although they are the same, now I see life in them! it's so weird, Ilona... But at the same time perfect!! A feeling that shivers, of such perfect and obvious that it's the vision!

The trees are exactly the same, but the landscape has changed in some way! So much life is flowing ... How come I never saw it before? It's right there..

Always been there. In front of me! What perfection - the word comes out of my mouth ... And Bruno is not there to interfere in anything ...

about an hour ago
Bruno my friend, welcome to the flow. :)
I'm delighted for you. It was very nice popping.

Thank you for looking.
With love

45 minutes ago
Thank you so much for guiding me, Ilona! Thank you for your dedications to show the true to others!
Thank you for your kindness and your wisdom!
When i first read all your posts on your blog, i knew that the true are real! I felt immediately an empathy with you!
I have to thank life for showing me your presence!

And please continue showing the true to others!
If our conversations and "my process of awakening" help others please use it to post one your blog!

And i'm here if you need anything!!! :-)

Love Bruno

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