Sunday, 18 September 2011

Liberation Unleashed!

Dear Friends,

I have some very exciting news.

As of today we have a great new Website and Forum. Have a look at new tabs at the top as well as links on the right, enter, explore, engage.

On Liberation Unleashed site you will find the gateway to an online network of volunteers, all working to liberate real people, in real life. We do this in the spirit of openness, and for the sake of compassion, love, and the benefit of all.  

All are welcome to join us, all are welcome to contribute - all are welcome to be free. This is our new place to hang out, place to bring friends and family. Please help to spread the message. Next time you hear somebody complaining about life, send them here. We are here to help. And if you want to help us with this, join our team on Facebook.

Big thanks to everyone involved in creating this and making this happen.

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