Friday, 18 March 2011

The show

Let's talk about the show that's going on here. There is this character Ilona. She is a young woman, passionate and creative, she does tattoos for a living and explores life's mysteries.

One day in the story she woke up, she saw how ridiculous situation is, that humans are full of themselves, ignoring what is in front of their eyes, immersed in drama, believing it's real and not questioning if it is.

One day she saw, that there was no self, but only life flowing, character playing the role, that can not be chosen by character itself. The character Ilona is the play. There is nothing behind. There is no one directing it, it plays itself. Self existing play.

Whatever thoughts appear, it's part of play. Whatever move she makes it's part of play.
Seeing this the suffering drops, no more tears, no more heartbreake, no more owning pain. No more sticking to emotions and owning them, just flow, just a movie. That which is, just is. And it's everything. The grand show of humans is on, nobody is watching, as there is nobody here, but self existing play. Woo Hoo!

Let's go back to Ilona.
It appears that it is her writing this. It isn't really- just flow, just play, just life, without a separate person. The show is going on.

And you are in it- a character that plays out a role perfectly, there is no bad acting. Every act is perfect. Every character that she meets only know her as a character and to everyone she is different. A fiction. Like batman.

Creative power is playing, expressing as stories, as feelings that stories raise up.

Look at the game Sims. It's a simple version of what is going on in the human game of evolution on planet Earth. the characters are created, given features, likes, dislikes, appearance, name, etc and they are dropped into a house where they go around their normal needs, like eating, washing, toilet, work, make money, socialise etc.

Character Ilona hated this game, it seemed to her so evil, the players seemed so powerless, such puppets of the one with a kreyboard and mouse. But she is just the same- a character, who goes around her day, powerless to change the script as it is the script that plays out as her.

Whatever comes up is part of play. And that's all there is. Only there is no man with a keyboard and mouse. Hihi

In the story of character Ilona since seeing through illusion of separate self the freedom keeps expanding. The joy is here, the story is about losing all that does not serve her anymore.

Whatever happens, there is this deep knowing that Ilona feels- the flow is. It's nothing that she can do about it. So flowing peacefully within it is such a exciting way to live. Whatever is expressing itself is unstoppable and welcome.

Like this post. It happens by itself. Forget about Ilona, see for yourself. There is no you but play is on, the fictional character........ (your name) is in it. And that is it.


  1. if you're interested in the flow of life, you should study biology.

    there IS person with the keyboard and mouse.

    who? or what?

    its the ability to step back, and look. see what is happening, and change things, if you so desire.

    otherwise known as consciousness. part of being human.

  2. Tahnks for comment, Russel.
    The ability to step back, look, see what is happening is also a part of the play, quality of character, skill, like in a game.
    consciousness is not a man in the sky holding keyboard and mouse... hmm. hope you are not saying that...

  3. nah i didn't mean it that way.

    i mean, the independent organism, known as ilona, has the ability to step back, and consciously examine things. thoughts, feelings, memories, whatever it may be, you can take a step back, dissasociate, and examine all those things. tolle talks about it alot.

    i'm interested in this so called "flow" you speak of. it must be a female thing lol, care to enlighten me?

  4. Flow is just a term that I prefer to use as it point to ever changing nature of what is. You can call it life, energy or whatever.
    First time I heard the saying "being in the flow" I wanted it, then I saw, that there is no way that one can be outside the flow, as we are the flow itself.
    Nothing in life is independent.
    At least that's how I see it.

  5. I don't think it's a female thing! :-) I think Ilona is talking about the play of life that is going on right now, even as you read these words.
    You suggested that 'you' can take a step back and dissociate and examine things. There is no 'you' doing this however, simply a stepping back and an observing. No person doing the observing, just an observing.