Saturday, 5 March 2011


Welcome to the Hall of Mirrors...

We all know what a mirror is- a reflector. Nothing touches a surface, nothing affects the mirror, it only reflects back. The mirror shows what is as it is.

If it gets dusty, then wiping the dust clears the view, but it does not change the view.

Reflections reflected creates an infinite repetition of the same image. It's just one image really, but only 2 mirrors create an illusion that there is endlessness.

There are mirrors that reflect physical 3d world and there are invisible ones that reflects thoughts and shows what is felt.

There is one mind and there are many lenses through which one mind can explore what is. And each lens is unique. There are no two of the same. When two lenses meet, reflections happen, the view comes into focus, the one mind explores.

Since there is only one life, one mind and one is not two, the reflections are all of the same one.

So when two humans meet and talk it's one mind talking and each one human can see through his one unique lens.

Most humans see that there is another human and he communicates with the other believing that there is somebody other than one.

But it's just one mind!

So all I'm saying, I'm not talking to you, but only to myself, all the time. Everything I say is being said because I need to hear it.

If I forget that it's just me here I may get into arguments with others and keep trying to prove my truth to them.

If I'm aware that it's just me talking to me, then everything is said is said with love and with best intentions.

The only one who needs to learn is the teacher.

If I teach, I really just see the reflection of me saying something to me, trying to get through the wall of not understanding.

What would happen if humans started to see this and release the reflections from "their" teaching. How would anything change if a teacher would get it? Would those who "need teaching" be free to find peace?

Would teacher find peace?

Anyway, I say something to you and you reaction to your answer is the reflection. I say that which I need to hear the most, you say to me what you need to hear. And that's how i play in the hall of mirrors.

One mind, one conversation going. The misunderstandings happen when instead of looking at our own reflection and recognising it for what it is we start judging the frame, the other mirror, the process of reflection and discuss how it is happening missing the whole point of it being here for us to see ourselves. Clear the mind and look at the argument, recognise your words reflected back and learn from them yourself. You only need to listen to your own voice!

The desire to teach comes from need to learn.

That's how I see it...

...when I look into the mirror, I see an image of one.

One mind talking/listening/reflecting/learning to and from itself.

Much fun.

What do you see?

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  1. the world indeed a reflection of yourself - why? because you are the world, and there is no you - just the world viewed through a lens.

    "no you" is a lens.

    awareness of thought is just another thought.

    there's no escaping it, really. you can only go deeper, until we die.

    reality coming together to get a look at itself in the human form...this is us. freaky shit.