Friday, 9 September 2011

Honesty Is One Rare Quality

Honesty is not main quality of humans, lying is.

Lie as in saying- oh, don't take this illusion from him, it makes him feel happier, more peaceful, let him believe in god, it soothes him.
No one wants to break illusion for anyone else. People rather support the lie then confront it in themselves and others and say what feels true. You can see that every day. Like an old tune...

-How is my tattoo? Do you like it?
-Yeah, verry nice. (No one tells truth about shit tattoo, nobody wants to hurt feelings, so people walk around with embarrassing markings and think it's great. I see that everyday.)

-Do you like how I sing?
-Very good, you are so talented, should go on x factor. ( that is a show of human delusion.)

- You are very talented, very beautiful, so cool. ( everyone love being praised, but is it always true? )

Beliefs are ideas that slipped in and attached themselves to the 'me' thought. "I believe" is a bond that holds that idea close. It's also a trap. The trap that holds one locked in illusion.  The key is honesty. Brutal honesty, desire to see what is, not what feels good.

Where do we get these ideas from? How come we, humans follow this unspoken rule-" leave my illusion alone. I like it, I don't want to brake it. It's painful."

It's painful to live a lie. However comfortable you will make it for yourself, it's still a discomfort deep inside that you are trying to cover. Putting more comfort will work for a while. No matter what you do, discomfort is coming back.

I see that people are trying to get away from reality, like if is something undesirable and at the same time they want to feel at home. How can you be at home if you are trying to run away?

Stay. Put yourself down for inspection. It's not gonna be another place. It's here now and it's now.

This is not illusion, this is.

Illusion is that there is a 'you' in this picture. You, that this life is happening to. It's just a story. But what is more precious than a story? who wants to let go of the story of 'me', instead, it feels much better to keep holding on story "I am perfect".

Every story is special. It wants to be heard. It wants to get expressed and shared. The characters are so awesome. My story is so beautiful, I suffer so much, I deserve a better life because I have been a victim, I am the one. I am the universe. I am energy. I am space.... I am special.....

Honesty cuts trough illusion. It's like a sword that cuts through wool and fluff and ice fog. It clears doubts, it opens doors to hidden beliefs, it crashes through walls of feeling stuck. So sharpen the honesty inside and start using it. Next time you get into situation where lie seems a usual tune, stop right there and see how it works. Are you doing a favour by supporting the lies or keep adding to confusion?

Honesty is something that has tremendous power to transform. Let it open, let it rip and find what is true, what is real.

Living a make believe fantasy life may be fun. If you go deep into to the delusion you will feel good, but missing the point. It's time to end that nonsense by being honest, first and most importantly with yourself.


  1. your spelling is fucked. clean that shit up. also, you look like a whore in your facebook picture who takes it up the ass.

  2. Wow.

    Uh, Russell - I think I've cracked how to open up the seeing of no self to allow you to dissolve suffering and cruelty.

    Not that you....

    You know.

    Just saying.

    Might want to maybe...

    You know.

  3. lol, i'll check that out thanks see-are-an.

    (btw ilona, i wasn't being serious (Except about the spelling) i was just giving you a taste of what honesty sometimes feels like. if people have shitty tattoos or whatever, it may not be the best policy to let them know if its something they can't change. like going up to someone with alot of acne and saying "WOW BUDDY YOU'RE FUCKING UUGGGGLYYY!" it may be true, and honest, but not always the best thing in certain situations.

  4. Thanks for your comments, Russel. Yes, honesty is cool and thanks for pointing out spelling mistakes. As for shitty tattoos, yes to that too. They can be changed, covered, removed. Here is a link for your entertainment

  5. Love how you you handled these comments Ilona.....and Ciaran's as well. Clearly Russell is missing the point entirely.