Monday, 6 December 2010


What do you see here? The arrow? Or where it's pointing to?

Words are pointers. They never are what they are pointing to. Like finger that points to the moon.

If I point at something to my cat, he does not see what I want to show, unless there is a movement there. Movement attracts attention. So we are like those cats, that only see words, but not where they point to as we take language literally.

There is no separate self at all in reality, none as in zero. 

Some look at this and say, yeah, no self, it's not the truth, there is deeper truth, and truth is only a concept, and this way to point is wrong, cause that confuses people, it's dangerous. And no one is enlightened and this and that.

This is looking at the arrow.

The pointer is simply saying that if you take it seriously and look deep that you do not exist as a separate self, sooner or later it will become clear.

Words are pointing to the door, you have to walk trough it.

So before you judge, what is right and what is wrong and what is my truth, look beyond and focus on where this is leading you. Don't stop, go further.

Focus on I do not exist.

This is just a pointer too.

Words have no power on their own, but when used with precision and clear intention, they point to next pointer. So we all are guides to each other :)

What is word 'me' pointing to? If you take a finger and touch that me, where does the finger land?

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