Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The Lie

I invite you to search for the lies. The  discomfort while facing the lie is a sign that there is resistance in the system.

Good thing is you don't need to look far away. It's all right here. Just look inside.

I own my life - lie
There is no you, just life. Life force animates the body and moves thoughts. It's not your life.

The body is mine - lie
The body is. Just like trees, stars, animals, all just is. You do not control body. All is happening by itself. All systems are working without any need of you to control anything.

The mind is mine - lie
The mind is. It was before your body and after. Thought, ideas are in the mind, brain is a receiver.

Emotions are mine - lie.
Emotions arise and go. Feelings follow, it's beyond your control, it's not something that self can direct. Test it.

Beliefs are mine. It's what I am - big lie.
Beliefs are programs that are installed into the system without conscious observation by the method of repetition. Another way of programming is through hypnosis. Like Richard Bach said: suggestion accepted is hypnotism. SUGGESTION! All beliefs are running in a head creating mess and pain. You do not choose beliefs. The system is bombarded with information and new beliefs stick to old beliefs. Beliefs fly in to the system like flies to the light.  The strongest beliefs are those of culture and religion as everyone around is in.

So the mind is not yours, beliefs in it are not yours, so  here we come to the biggest lie, that everyone is in:

I am me. Me that controls everything in my life.- huge lie!
There is no self that has any control in life. Life is not something that can be controlled by monkeys, fish or human. Life is flowing where it's going and no human has any control over it. There are just the characters that life is playing with. And in the story these characters believe in self.

I have free will- another big lie.
There is nothing that you do because you will it. Let's try an experiment here. Raise your left arm now. Is it up? Ok, put it down. Did you do it? Was it the instruction to the mind that was given by the words that were read made the arm rise up?  Or if the arm stayed where it was, was it the resistance of the mind to the instruction? That is not the choice, it's programming which said to go with instruction or resist it. It's not free will, there is nothing here that yourself can do. It's like an itch. There is an itch and it's followed by scratch. The itch in the thoughts informs the scratch to happen. Can you do anything about it? There is no you, right, all is happening by itself. Free will is just another lie.

Life is a game I chose to play and when I have enough I will wake up and that is going to be the end- sweet lie.
Life is not your game, the body is a creation same as sims character in a computer game. Personality is just a characteristics of the puppet. It is not up to you when it's enough to play and when it's time to wake up. All just happens as the story develops. And when one wakes up and sees that there is no self, the game is not ending, but the mess in a head is getting cleaned up. So here we all are waking up, this is the story.

I can do something to wake up - lie.
You can not do anything. You only exist in the thoughts which are flowing through the space time. The quality of thoughts depends on level of consciousness. The receiver brain tunes in different channels of thought. The waking up happens, all you can do is go with it. It's not something that can be controlled. The part is being played out. All by itself.

I am creating all around me including other people. - awful lie.
Life is expressing itself and this expression does include your body and other bodies, monkeys, animals, trees, nature. As well as the mind which contains thoughts. One of them thoughts is that it is you creating your environment. Are you sure that when your body dies all this that you see is going to collapse into nothingness? It's just sooo childish! Grow up!

I am the power of god- lie lie lie.
Can you click your fingers and make stuff appear? Can you create anything from thin air? Can you win a lottery? Can you stop wars? Can you do anything?  These are just thought "I am the power of god". It's all severe brainwash, thoughts appearing in a head because your system is infected with thoughts of pride and specialness. Sick.

I am very special - lie.
Everything is alive with same life force. Nothing special, but twisted mind makes it appear so. Look at that need to be above somebody else and look, there is no you. No self. Zero. How special is zero?

Life is complicated. -lie
Life is simple. Lie is complicated.

There is no truth- lie
There is truth- seek it out. All you need is intention. Purify intention. Follow the itch. Go trough demolition of the lie. There is an end to lies. The core of lie is I.
L - I - E. <this is ironic.

Self is a lie that is hiding in a daylight. It's not dark, look, see for yourself. Until you see. You have no other responsibility but wake up. We, awake, are waiting for you so you can join and help to wake the rest. This is part of the play, where everyone wakes up, no matter how deep you are asleep. So the story goes.

Kill the lie that blocks the way to freedom. Rise up!

Follow the itch. It's taking you home. 

So how to kill the lie? Your sword is truth, the intention is fuel. Stay alert and conscious. Ask questions: is it true? Is this true? Is it true that there is no me? WTF is going on? Really. Don't look for the answers, but look for the truth. Focus on the truth, the lie can not stand that. Be that curious kid again.

This is a killer for the lie. Try.

One more thing. You are either in a comfortable zone which is boring, because you are asleep, or having all kinds of intense experiences and rush, like never before, because you are waking up. Until it happens, and after. Cleaning up maybe as intense. It's either before, during or after, nothing else matters. Just keep the sword of truth close and write more.

Trust me not, test it!


Check what StepVhen says about lie.


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