Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Intentional Awakening Retreat

The Intentional Awakening Retreat is unique and this is your invitation to that mind-blowing, life enriching experience. Here you will be provided, in a soothing environment, with all tools you need to realize what you are, what you aren’t and what is actually going on in life.

A comprehensive set of powerful tools, both ancient and modern, will be masterfully employed to facilitate an awakening, to what is. We will utilize shamanic medicines, carefully passed down for millennia and will apply an amazing technology that was invented for the sole purpose of exploring consciousness while inducing a restful, natural state. The Ajna Light is a tool using pure light and frequencies of harmony and balance to decalcify the pineal gland to allow the unfoldment of a highly visual expanding awareness.

We will have dance and movement to enliven the body and direct pointing sessions to look at the mind and learn how it creates our experience of life. We will work with spirit and the heart to explore and discover, together as a group, and will also have personal time for introspection and integration.

Awakening to non-separateness, deep joy, personal peace and love does not come without work. It's an ongoing endeavor that presents us with challenges and compels us to examine reality again and again.

Intention and readiness are key factors in advancing in one's journey. Having a clear, focused commitment to awaken is saying, “Enough!” to all the limitations and noise that conceal the true nature of life. The intention is the laser that cuts through all the illusions that have interfered with having a peaceful, balanced and harmonious life. Readiness is a declaration of willingness to learn and grow, now and from here onward.

Awakening is an event and it is also a journey. If we are still here, then we have not yet completed our ever-evolving inquiry. There is more livingness to explore: more space to expand into, more clarity to achieve, more insights to gain and more joy and wisdom to share.

Since the setting for this retreat is the beautiful and exotic Mayan jungle, you will be close to nature and appreciate a deeper and growing connection to life force and the elements throughout your stay.

To complement the stimulating and illuminating daily activities, locally grown fruit and vegetables will be lovingly transformed, by the hosts of the retreat facility, into delectable and nutritious meals.

After this extraordinary week of wonder, you will feel refreshed, reborn and ready to rejoin your regular, day-to-day activities. You will be able to quickly and easily make any required key changes that will keep you progressing toward your ultimate destiny with new energy, purpose, and vision.

More details of the full program are coming soon. 
To book your place please email to ilona@ilonaciunaite.com

Price depends on the accommodation. All rooms have Air Conditioning, ceiling fans, private shower and bathroom.

Private room single occupancy, double bed,  USD 2150
Double occupancy, double bed or two single beds USD 2000
Tripple occupancy, 1 double and 1 single bed or 3 single beds USD 1850
Quadruple occupancy, 1 queen size bed and a bunk bed USD 1700

For full details and program click here 

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Upcoming Retreat in Mexico

I'm very excited to announce that there will be a retreat coming soon.

It's not an easy thing to go to foreign country and organize a retreat. It has been a full on journey with meeting lots different people and looking for the opening to start the process. But now for sure, the first retreat is coming. Everything is falling into place, the location, the people that will be organizing, the program. The event is starting to take shape.

My intention is to create a perfect environment for the participants, where they could feel supported on their journey and go as fully into self-exploration as they are ready for. The retreat will be not an ordinary one. We will put together all kinds of tools and modalities that will facilitate the shift in perception as well as will help to ground and integrate the new way of seeing.

The retreat will be happening in the first week of October: Monday the second to Sunday the eight in Mexico. The place is amazing, it is in a middle of a jungle and it is purposely built for retreats and festivals.
The nearest airport is Cancun.

The program will include
-Direct pointing
-Private deep looking sessions
-Ajna light
-Pemf healing mat
-Sound healing
-Mexican flower therapy and
Mayan Massage available on request
-Delicious food and snacks
-A day out to Mayan archeological sites

I just want to make clear, you do not need to go to a retreat in order to awaken, you do not need a teacher nor medicines. All it takes is your own determination and burning desire for truth. I am not saying that coming to the retreat will guarantee you anything more than full support on your own journey for truth.

All tools will be available, a perfect environment is set, this is your time to spend focused entirely on what is most important to you without normal day to day distractions. This is what you may have been looking for. A retreat where you can work together with a group towards one goal- explore, realize, share insights, go deeper into expanded states, recognize what was being hidden all this time and then bring all this into the ordinary experience. This is where you can fully let go and dissolve old patterns. You will have a chance to connect with your own heart and mind and listen to what they are communicating. You will experience healing of the deepest hurts that create painful experiences. This is an invitation for an intensive, focused journey into your own being. All you need to do is have an intention and courage to follow through.

This event is not for everyone. And if you are hearing a call, if you feel that somehow you need to be there, then answer the calling and book your space as soon as. Plane tickets will get more expensive closer to the date.

The idea of retreat is to have 2 days of gently easing, activating, getting open and ready for shamanic journeys. That would include treatments and Ajna light individual and group session, sweat lodge, cacao journey, sound healing, yoga exercises, connecting to the energies of the land. The third day of the retreat would be a whole day medicine journey and the last two days will be for grounding, centering and bringing what was experienced back into the ordinary reality. The program is designed so that participants will be supported, held and assisted, not just before but also after the peak experience.

There is some criticism flying around that one does not need an experience to awaken, that awakening is spontaneous and no requirement for a special state is needed and I agree with that. But, there are different degrees of how deep one goes. Being in an environment where you feel supported to go as deep as you are ready for is not the same as chasing a happy place. This retreat is not a holiday to get high, this is not a place to come and consume as much medicine as possible. The intention is to use the medicines and technology for the purpose of self clearing, healing, shifting to a different default frequency. Intention is the most important, because what you put in, what you are ready for determines what is going to be received. The preparation for receiving the medicine is very important as this is not a joke, not a party and certainly not a game. The first couple of days we will work on receptivity, openness and readiness so that you can receive the most out of the inner journey to beyond.

If you feel that this is a call for you, please do your own research and see if you are ready for a change, if you are ready to let go and surrender to life completely.

Having experienced the Bufo Alvarius medicine a couple of times, I can say that this is the ultimate medicine, that one hit takes you to experience exactly what you need at that time to see, to be reborn, to let go of all that is no longer serving. One has to be ready to die before dying. There maybe a lot of fear around ego death, as fear of death is so ingrained in our culture and is at the root of feeling separate. The experience of dissolving completely is the most profound and deeply deeply touching. Life after this has a real potential for a change, and I am a witness of that. My life is so different now.

I will post the full program soon, as it is still taking shape and is being fine tuned. The team that is coming together to assist you on your journey is amazing, we are all working together with highest intention to serve humanity at this time of profound changes. I'm looking forward to this and future events. I'm inviting you to come and experience something that will change your life if you are ready for it.

Much love.