Friday, 8 July 2011

No self and Cindy

I have just looked through my old messages and found this; I thought to put this up, even though this conversation happened back in November. :)

Hi Ilona, Is it OK to email you some questions that I have? I noticed I cannot post anything in the arena of the Ruthless Truth. Many of you have helped my husband Gary immensely...he has popped!! Description: :]It is amazing!! - the difference in his Being. I have been reading your blog - "Marked Eternal" and enjoying it very much. I would like to engage with you if it is all right with you. Want to make sure (I) have clarity on no-self. ....thanks, Cyndi

Dear Cyndi,
Always happy to help.
What are your questions?

Hi Ilona, I just want to make sure (I'm) on the right track....... OK.......there is no me, no self. So the way I look at it...... I am like a vessel in which the God Energy/Flow moves through. .....allowing the flow (like a dance) not resisting....being One with everything All of nature and enjoying all that is around me. I like the analogy of looking at things/life - like a baby. Having no judgement and being in awe of it all. That Feeling! Amazing Feeling! It is blissful, peaceful. (I) am not in control - the Universal God Energy is and (I) just let it flow through the character "Cyndi" - flowing, constantly flowing...... I Feel like (I) have had a "shift" and it is indeed subtle and peaceful.

The other morning as I was lying in bed, I glanced out the window at a massive tree. The branches were swaying in the wind like the tree was dancing .... the tree was just "flowing" effortlessly. It loses its leaves in Autumn(without effort) in Spring sprouts new ones (without effort), receives sunshine and rain to grow, provides home for squirrels and insects, birds, etc. efforting - just letting it all flow. So I am One with the All of it. No me/no self. (I /no I) just let the energy flow through being one with it All.

So many years of conditioning and having been a PH2 player for the last almost 4 years, I am now "reprogramming" the character "Cyndi". Believing I/self was real. And this "flowing" energy constantly flowing through me - on going! There is no-self, there is no - I !! it all seems so simple and all feels to be absolutely with no question - the Truth.

I had been diagnosed with Stage 4 triple-negative breast cancer since the fall of 2003. So...... having No-self, there is no-thing for the cancer to continue to "stick" to. How can it is there is no I,
no-self. It cannot.

I could say: Am I on the right track? but now.... I Feel that goes without saying. I just simply let it flow through. If I am missing something, please guide me. Thanks, Cyndi


This is IT!
I'm so happy for you guys!

Just flow Description: :)
So much to explore now from another side!

It takes time to settle in, go with what inspires you and everything is already taken care of.

Sending love :)))


Soooooo Freeing :]

Ilona, I Really enJOY reading your blog. The day I woke up and let go of self......well, it is is so incredibly Freeing!! Life just flows and it is really that simple. Thank you, Cyndi


Some time later on Waking Up Forum:


Since I discovered "No Self" and Awakened, I find that my fears have greatly lessened. I do still have issues with money but not to the extent that I used to when I lived in the "Land of Illusions". Living in the Now and letting Life just Flow...I no longer feel like I am on the eternal roller coaster ride. My life just seems more and more to glide along like on being on ice skates. ....still taking some spills here and there but I keep getting back up and a lot of old residue is collapsing like Dominos.

I am a cancer patient/survivor - ok..... a lot of bills there - but I no longer have a Huge fear about $$$$. Nor do I about cancer because in Awakening to No Self there is NO Self for the cancer to stick to. (By the way, after 7+ years of my cancer experience, I have no tumor (it is gone) and my(cancer) cell search is 0.)

I feel like a lot of things I was once attached to are no longer important to me. No Self is very Freeing for me. A deep feeling of Peacefulness. Ahhh!!!!!!

If you need some help, do not hesitate to email me. 

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